Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Divorcing: Let's Cheer Her Up With Her Finest Cinematic Moment

Oh no: Jennifer Lopez, who's only been in five high-profile relationships that I can think of, and Marc Anthony, who is a frightening Glenn Close character, are divorcing. That is too bad. That is also an occasion to revisit Jennifer Lopez's finest screen moment in the hopes it'll lift her spirits. We're here for you, Jen.

Oh, Gigli. Oh, Jen. You will have many more thigh-oriented Thanksgivings in your life. It's time to "gobble, gobble" like the hard-flapping turkey you are, my dear. Be free.

· Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Split [People]


  • Meh... says:


  • Pat says:

    Why can't divorcing his cheating ass be her finest moment? 😀

  • Remy says:

    What a shame. But I'm sure she'll pick herself up and jennyfromtheblock her way into the next tabloid-friendly romance in no time.

  • TN says:

    "Anthony , who is a frightening Glenn Close character", Thats laugh out loud stuff.

  • sam says:

    All kidding aside, what is J-Lo's finest cinematic moment? Something from "Anaconda"? Or "Money Train" perhaps?

  • Rory says:

    How quickly people forget "Selena."

  • lika says:

    Out Of Sight, annnnd thats about it. The Cell is ok if you've just hit a bong.

  • Ju-osh says:

    I'm with Lika. Out Of Sight is possibly one of the best comedies of the past 20 years, probably one of the best crime movies in the past 40 years, and most definitely the best Jennifer Lopez movie...well, EVER.

  • NP says:

    I put in my vote for this a week or so ago when news came she was going to be doing more rom com dreck. _U-Turn_ was her best role. I know the movie pretty much stank, but she does femme fatale well.

  • happygolucky says:

    Not cinematic but the interview on Inside the Actor's Studio was delightful!