Itsy-Bitsy Spidey: See 3 New Pictures From The Amazing Spider-Man

I'm still recovering from the still of Andrew Garfield, with his itty-bitty torso and sweet angst, donning the Spider-Man suit. Six months have passed since that memorable day, and now EW -- as part of a cover story and spread -- has the first photos from the Marc Webb-directed reboot. Get ready for pained Emma Stone, upside-down Spidey, a chilling glimpse of Dr. Conners (a/k/a/ The Lizard), and a bloodied, shirtless Andrew Garfield.




Oh, I think we can agree this looks promising. Check out the sinew and corn syrup on our man Garfield! Now he really looks like Anthony Perkins -- this time in Phaedra with Emma Stone as Melina Mercouri! Other stills at EW include shots of the suit, Sally Field and Martin Sheen, and Spidey's limber, lithe wrists and mechanical webslingers.

· This Week's Cover: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' -- plus, our annual Comic-Con preview! [EW]


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