VIDEO: About That Time Cowboys & Aliens Star Olivia Wilde Fell Off a Horse

God bless Jon Favreau! The Cowboys & Aliens director has resurrected the awesome interview style he perfected on Dinner for Five for a series of YouTube sit-downs with the cast and production team behind the genre-bending future blockbuster. Favreau has already gotten some good quotes from Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg, but what does he coax out of Cowboys co-star Olivia Wilde? Try a harrowing story about the time she fell off a horse during shooting and was saved from being trampled by Walton Goggins. Click through to watch.

Harrison Ford loves those helicopters! The other video interviews with Wilde in this pod are equally worth your time -- specifically this one about the work she does in Haiti.

Head over to Huffington Post to watch them all. Cowboys & Aliens reaches theaters on July 29.