VIDEO: Here Are Your Two Favorite New Web Series, Featuring Movieline's Louis Virtel

In the single most important viral video development since Epic Sax Guy's 10-hour megacut hit YouTube, a pair of new shows featuring Movieline's own Louis Virtel have made their debuts online. One of them also features a guest spot by our one and only Julie Miller; the other will forever change the way you perceive Target -- especially its logo. Exciting! Click through and let's play two.

First up: Verbal Vogueing, a NSFW one-man tour de force addressing an array of the hot-button issues of our time. Like corporate discrimination. And, uh, Ke$ha.

And there's more: Check out the first installment of Circle of Winners, in which Louis welcomes Julie for a conversation about contemporary film and the white-knuckle debut of the game segment "$25 Trapezoid." Play at home, and enjoy!


  • Tenetria says:

    Please get your own channel. You could just take over OWN.
    Also, I agree with Julie that Heigl gets too much guff.

  • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

    Clearly what the world needs is a Heigl/Von Trier collaboration.

  • Louis Virtel says:


  • general-quiji says:

    This could end up being pretty good if you tighten the format and pay some serious attention to your audio - the voices are too low and there seems to be a distracting hum (a.c.)?

  • Dimo says:

    I'm pretty sure Washington D.C. is not a state capital. But nice clues for Famous Beards.

  • jonnyhllywd says:

    Lips Together, Teeth Apart
    (no additions needed)

  • Tommy says:

    Wow. It's like watching a marathon of "Will and Grace" featuring only the episodes where every single cast member acts like they are wittier and better than everyone else that was ever born. In other words, it's like watching a marathon of every "Will and Grace" episode ever filmed along with 17 that weren't produced but were considered. Louis is cute. OK, he is very cute. But Jesus Fucking Christ, there is a point where meta is just fucking annoying.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Not sure that could be called Meta (i.e. self-referential). Sound was fine on my end. (Especially the epic score and the lightsaber sounds!)
    The Target rant was brilliant and the line about "Women's shoes go up to size 21" made me LOL (which I rarely do when alone watching something. Plus, I hate using the term LOL so you also made me do that...)
    It is about time this Movieline writer revealed to the world how super sexy they are! (I am talking about Julie.... But, still, I agree with Woody> Louis looks AMAZING in those jean shorts!)

  • Tommy says:

    I have nothing against Louis. But I'm not into snark. I'm sorry, but both of these clips were so irritating it made me want to seriously investigate going through ex-gay therapy with Michelle's gay husband.

  • Citizen Bitch says:

    louis is VGL! things you pound: "my ass"
    i loled so hard at the importance of being harnassed i missed like half the rest of them

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