Tony Parker is... the Rocketeer?

High above the ground, he hovers in the air, with the aid of futuristic technology! Is that Cliff Secord, the Rocketeer himself? Or... is it San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, tooling around with a jet pack while on a watery jaunt in St. Tropez?


Okay, it's Tony Parker and not a surprise set photo from The Rocketeer 2: Rocket Harder. (I'm still holding out hope for that sequel, for the record.)

Parker posted the photo today via Twitter with the explanation "Jetlev !!!" while TMZ reports that he shelled out $5K to make his historic flight on the water-propelled contraption. Just look at the joy on his face! The thrill of ascent! It all makes me sad to think that Joe Johnston's been busy with his little WWII superhero movie instead of fluffing up Billy Campbell's hair in preparation of a Rocketeer sequel.

But also: The future is here, and it's ready to meet all your aquatic recreational needs!

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