VIDEO: Jon Favreau Interviews Harrison Ford for Cowboys & Aliens

As evidenced by Jon Favreau's old talk show Dinner for Five, the guy likes to shoot the shit with people, and he's pretty good at it. So as a means of promoting his upcoming Cowboys and Aliens, he sat down to do a series of behind-the-scenes interviews with his cast himself. After the jump, watch Favreau and star Harrison Ford talk costuming, Star Wars ad-libs, Ford's Han Solo audition, and more in the first interviews of the series.

Favorite exchanges:

"I remember you picked the largest hat we had."

"Well, I did. I mean, I had the biggest horse, and the longest gun."

"You wanted chaps, too."

"Yeah, until I saw Daniel. Then I thought, 'Nah.'"

"Do you mind if I ask you about your beaver?"

"No ball [was] left unbusted."

Also: Harrison Ford came up with Ewoks?! Richard Dreyfuss might have played Han Solo?! Nerd revelations galore.

· "If I Die, You Die": The Cowboys and Aliens Interviews: Harrison Ford [Huffington Post]


  • Dimo says:

    These are great! It takes some real talent to get a fun interview out of Ford. I hope Favreau did the same with his performance.

  • Cameron says:

    Jesus, these guys have great chemistry. The most open and real I've ever seen Harrison. I seriously think that Favs should shoot the next Indiana Jones.

  • Strawberry Pain says:

    I gave Harrison Ford the best years of my life. He was THE dream guy--(mostly, Han Solo, but not just).
    Glad to see I had taste. Think I'll put him back on the pinnacle.

  • Sarah says:

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