Watch Emily Browning Fight a Rubber Dragon in Behind-the-Scenes Video From Sucker Punch

· Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch took a beating from critics and audiences upon its release in March, but the film hits DVD and Blu-ray today with the hopes of catching on as a cult favorite. The extended cut of the film restores 18-minutes of footage, and features some fairly neat behind-the-scenes stuff. Like this look at how Emily Browning fought a rubber dragon, which later turned into a CGI monster. Click through to watch, then stick around for more Buzz Break.

[Clip courtesy of Warner Bros.]

· Why did Thomas Jane get replaced with Sung Kang (Fast Five) as Sylvester Stallone's co-star in the film formerly known as Headshot? Take it away, Mr. Jane! "Well, Joel Silver came onboard the project and said that he has a quote-unquote 'formula' for these quote-unquote 'buddy movies' and it has to be a white guy and a quote-unquote 'ethnic guy.' And they relieved me of duty and basically paid me off, which I was really upset about, you know? I didn't get a call from Stallone. I was a little upset about that. Maybe they didn't want anybody on the movie with a bigger dick than him." [Collider]

· Conan O'Brien Can't Stop director Rodman Flender (best name since Schwentke) will adapt How I Became A Famous Novelist for the big screen. The comic novel by Steve Hely sounds positively great in a Producers-y way: A guy writes the most cliched book he can think of to upstage his ex-girlfriend's wedding, and then gets really famous, while alienating almost everyone he knows. [Deadline]

· Paramount may get involved with Darren Aronofsky's Noah. [Deadline]

· Apropos of nothing, a great question from The Awl: When was the last time you talked about Vampire Weekend? [Awl]

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