Watch the Testosterone-Drenched New Trailer for Immortals

Titans! Will! Scream! Loudly. Noted film aficionado Ryan Seacrest debuted the brand-new trailer for Immortals on Monday morning, and the latest bit of marketing for the 300-like film does not disappoint -- especially if you're into seeing new Superman Henry Cavill yell shouts of encouragement to shirtless hordes at the top of his lungs.

Goodness! Someone get Cavill a throat lozenge. This trailer is like a double espresso mixed with a five-hour energy drink with narration from Sam Kinison. Honey badger Tarsem Singh does the directing in Immortals, and the visuals are certainly impressive (that tidal wave!) -- but the performances seem pitched just below totally hysteric. Which is actually what everyone should be hoping for, especially if Immortals is going to take its rightful place among other Bad Movies We Love. As Luke Evans says, dramatically, "Prove. Me. Right."


Check out 8 ridiculous Immortals character posters by clicking here.



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