Robin Williams Negotiating to Join Priesthood for Gently Down the Stream, and 5 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

robinwilliams-300.jpgAlso in this Monday edition of The Broadsheet: Ben Barnes is the next big thing... Warner Bros. really wants you to like Green Lantern... Michael Jackson's "Thriller" jacket sells for plenty of money... and more ahead.

· The last time Robin Williams played a priest, it was in the excruciating License to Wed, so hopefully this works out a little better. Williams is in negotiations to join the star-studded romcom Gently Down the Stream as a man of the cloth opposite Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Susan Sarandon and Ben Barnes. Great cast, but be warned: Bucket List screenwriter Justin Zackham is the creative force behind this one. Meanwhile, here's hoping Williams keeps that great big bushy beard. [Variety]

· Speaking of Ben Barnes, the Chronicles of Narnia star is in talks to take the lead role in The Seventh Son, the Warner Bros. adaptation of Joseph Delaney's young adult novel series. Barnes would play the titular son, who learns about wizarding from an old codger played by Jeff Bridges. Julianne Moore is also set to co-star. Good weekend, Mr. Barnes! [Variety]

· If you're doing a movie that features a dirty cop, you better hire Ray Liotta. It seems director Derek Cianfrance took that advice, as he's tapped Liotta for the role of a dirty cop in The Place Beyond the Pines. Liotta previously went rogue as police officers in Cop Land, Unlawful Entry and Narc. Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper star in Pines (as a crook and cop, respectively), so this one should be pretty high-up on your anticipation list. [Variety]

· Remember how much you didn't care about Green Lantern? Well, Warner Bros. is apparently doubling down on your indifference. The studio is planning a sequel to the box office disappointment, which should come as no surprise since there has been talk about a Green Lantern sequel since last summer. Whether or not it actually happens, though, remains to be seen. [THR]

· Here's the pitch for True North: a selfish travel show host who has alienated his family in pursuit of fame and fortune survives a plane crash in India, but wakes up from a coma two years later to find that everyone he knows thinks he's dead. Oh, and he got facial reconstruction surgery after the crash so no one recognizes him anyway. He goes back home a (literally) changed man to try and win his loved ones back. Not bad, right? Well, it was good enough for Rob Pearlstein, who sold that pitch for North to Warner Bros. with Ed Helms attached to star and produce. [Deadline]

· Congratulations are in order for Austin commodities trader Milton Verret. After spending $1.8 million this weekend, he's now the proud owner of the jacket worn by Michael Jackson in the video for "Thriller." Verret will display the famed red calfskin jacket at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, before using it as a fundraising tool for children's charities around the globe. Aw. That's just really nice. Let's watch the "Thriller" video again in Verret's honor. []