New Bond Girl: Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Quietly Marry

craig-weisz-120.jpgWhat you may have missed this weekend: The L.A. Film Fest came to a close, Cars 2 zoomed to the top of the box office, and, oh yeah -- Rachel Weisz married Daniel Craig in a super quiet ceremony last week in New York, according to reports. The pair play a married couple in September's Dream House, but what's really sounding great now is the idea of casting Weisz opposite her new hubby in the next Bond film. Whaddya think -- could Drachel give Brangelina a run for their money? [Daily Mail]


  • Bradley Paul Valentine says:

    I thought she was married to Aronofski? I still associate the two of them together anyway. Geez. Sam Mendez is doing this Bond movie, right? He would probably advise against working with the ol’ ball and chain. Hmm. I wonder if Natalie Portman collaboration was Aronofski’s way of rebounding. And that kind of groundless conjecture could be an article on this site guys, admit it. And I say so with love. I love Movieline.

  • Good for them! You only live twice, even if tomorrow never dies. Marriage is a quantum of solace in a world that is not enough.
    I'm sure Weisz will be happy with his thunderballs and golden gun, and he with her octopussy, all of which, from now on, is for their eyes only.
    I do hope she got a nice ring, though. After all, unlike marriages, diamonds are forever!