KRS-One (AKA The Teacha) Reviews Bad Teacher

Oh, how I love this series over at NextMovie so! In the latest installment of "Rappers Review Movies," hip-hop luminary KRS-One watches and critiques the new Cameron Diaz-Justin Timberlake comedy Bad Teacher. Sample analysis: "I thought the movie was dope. Cameron Diaz, I am a new fan!" It's like she's the new Goldie Hawn!

KRS-One's post-screening enthusiasm is so boundless, this might be the most infectious endorsement for Bad Teacher you'll find anywhere on the web. I mean, Justin Timberlake plays a nerd so convincingly, according to The Teacha! And on the flip side, he notes, Bad Teacher actually imparts valuable lessons to actual educators out there: relax and get invested in your students' lives. Knowledge reigns supreme.

KRS-One Reviews 'Bad Teacher' [NextMovie]