VIDEO: Green Lantern Meets a Fate Worse Than Flopdom

At least until the requisite Taiwanese news animation of Green Lantern's hobbled opening-weekend run, Conan O'Brien's analysis from Monday night should do the trick. To wit, learn more about the allegation that Warner Bros. never planned a sequel for the megabudget comics adaptation.

The thing is, I totally would have seen this movie.

[via Deadline]


  • Tommy Marx says:

    Now that is a "Jaws" sequel I would definitely pay to see, especially if they hired January Jones. You just know she'll be pursing her lips in a desperate attempt to convey any emotion whatsoever as the shark eats her alive.

  • Sam says:

    The only reason you go to see a movie like this is the special effects and the fight scenes, right? It has both in spades and the 3D effects are good, too.