Watch the New Trailer for Flypaper: Heist's Anatomy

Sundance entry Flypaper combines a bunch of people and things we like: Patrick Dempsey, bank heists, the writers of The Hangover, Jeffrey Tambor, one-liners, Rob Huebel, Ashley Judd, a director of The Lion King, and 'splosions. Seems like a cohesive, yet unexpected marriage of talents. In the trailer from the film -- which premieres on demand July 15 before hitting theaters Aug. 19 -- we watch a robbery unfold and an unexpected camaraderie arise. I'm already calling Dempsey's character McStealy.

I'm noticing a lot of effort here. Flailing around, brash accents, snappy editing, and ostensibly all the things that make up for a compelling story. Because we didn't hear much from Sundance about this movie (and because buzz surrounding the film isn't positive), it's easy to dismiss much of its mania as contrived, but I'm still happy to see Dempsey exercise some grandiosity onscreen. Anything that distracts from his role as Dr. Catatonia on Gray's Grayness is a good thing.


  • NP says:

    The contrived mania pathetic, for sure, but it's not as nauseating as the giant cold sore that is the cliched unlikely (that is, unlikely if you've never seen a movie before ever ever)/opposites attract hetero love story. Is this really an IFC Films film or a Funny or Die skit? I call bullsh*t.

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