Watch Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, and Jon Favreau Explain the Philosophy of Cowboys & Aliens

So far, Cowboys & Aliens seems like a broad parody in the vein of absurd books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Twilight, but director Jon Favreau and producers Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard shed light on its rational intentions in a new featurette. Spoiler: They do not explain why super-slim Daniel Craig looks exactly like Edie Falco.

Spielberg lays it out with that Egyptian parallel: "It just seemed that if ancient Egyptians had a [paranormal] interaction, why couldn't pioneers of the West?" Too true. I'd have appreciated a slam of The Mummy Returns at that juncture, but otherwise, I like what he's saying. Maybe Brendan Fraser can show up in the sequel, Cowboys & Aliens & Clapping Demons.

Watch the video in HD over at Apple.

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  • Proman says:

    Honest question: does anyone of your readers find your shtick funny? Every tried writing something without quasy insulting people you write about?

  • Ben says:

    Let me guess. You have Twilight in your google alerts?