VIDEO: David Fincher and Christopher Nolan Explain the Greatness of Terrence Malick

Winning the Palme d'Or was cool, and blowing out the box office on Memorial Day weekend was pretty nice, too. But as Fox Searchllght prepares to take The Tree of Life to its broadest audience to date -- more than doubling its screen count this weekend to over 100 -- what better time to bring out the big guns? And I mean big.

Searchlight has issued a new featurette of Christopher Nolan and David Fincher exalting ToL director Terrence Malick. It's fine overall, but what I really like about it is its flashes of specificity: Nolan explains Malick's visual narratives in a way that's both evocative and succinct, while Fincher can clearly get behind the idea of actors submitting body and soul to their director. To say nothing of Malick's ass-kicking aplomb.

[Via Apple; head over there should the embed be pulled.]


  • AS says:

    Sorry but I'm gonna say it, Fincher & Nolan have more talent in their right hand than Malick does in his whole body. He's films are beautiful to look at but not much else.

  • jake says:

    Totally disagree. Nothing against Fincher and Nolan, who I have very high regard for, but Malick made two films that were so incredible, he was able to take a twenty year break from filmmaking and return after all those years with every actor in hollywood scrambling to be in it. And think about Jim Caviezel. I mean, has that guy ever been better than in his debut under the talented hand of Malick. Although I still consider Badlands to be his best work, Thin Red Line and Days of Heaven are right behind it. You will always come out of one of his films deep in thought, something rare in today's world of films, and those thoughts persist for many days and in a way, forever. That is the power of Malick and few filmmakers alive today come close. PT Anderson comes to mind. But certainly Malick is on the same level with Kubrick, even if you find some of his stuff "boring."

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