Attention New Yorkers: Hear Werner Herzog Read a Filthy Bedtime Story Tonight

Herzog300.jpgDid you enjoy listening to the dulcet tones of Werner Herzog during his latest film, The Cave of Forgotten Dreams? If so -- and if you live in the New York area -- Movieline has just the event for you: the director -- and beloved talk show guest -- did an audio recording of the new children's book Go the F**k to Sleep, and it will be unveiled tonight at the New York Public Library. Tickets are even available. Click through for a taste of what to expect.

Herzog's audio recording will premiere at the New York Public Library event to celebrate Tuesday's release of the Adam Mansbach mock children's book. With verses like, "The cubs and the lions are snoring, / Wrapped in a big snuggly heap. / How come you can do all this other great shit / But you can't lie the fuck down and sleep?", the director's reading will likely be 100 percent more entertaining than those YouTube videos of a Herzog impressionist reading Where's Waldo. At the very least, this one will actually be authentic.

If you can't make it to the event tonight, there's some good news: has made the official Samuel L. Jackson reading of Sleep available as a free download for today only. Click through to hear a sample and to get the audiobook yourself. Unfortunately, the Herzog-voiced version is not yet online, but Movieline will update you if/when it becomes available.

· Werner Herzog reads potty-mouthed bedtime audiobook [The Guardian]

· Go the F**k to Sleep: A Bedtime Book for Parents Who Live in the Real World [NYPL]

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