See Captain America Punch Adolf Hitler in Vintage First Avenger Poster

captain-america-poster630.jpgIf Captain America: First Avenger is going to separate itself from the pile-up of 2011 summer superheroes, playing up the nostalgia factor that helped Super 8 do so well at the box office isn't a bad place to start. As such, this brand new retro poster for First Avenger is simply perfect -- if only it was going to actually reach movie theaters around the country.

Marvel only made 100 copies of this poster for cast and crew on Captain America, five of which were given out as prizes during the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival. So, perhaps you'll find this one on eBay someday? Pretty cool either way -- though Paramount and Marvel would do well to release it to the masses. After all, it's better than that dirt-rain poster selling the movie currently.

First Avenger arrives in theaters on July 22.

[via LAT/Hero Complex]


  • akiel101 says:

    Uh, not to be *that* guy, I just wanted to point out that it's based on the cover of the first issue of Captain America Comics, which boldly showed Cap punching Hitler in the face - in the same manner as this poster - notably, before the US entered the war.
    But you knew that :)

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