Talkback: Let's Guess the Plot of Damon Lindelof's Secret Film Based on the Working Title Alone

Big news arrives today for Lost fans: series screenwriter and executive producer Damon Lindelof has signed a seven-figure deal with Disney to write and produce an "original large-scale science fiction feature film." So far, the only thing known about the film (other than the fact that the studio plans on building it around several platform for maximum profit) is its working ttle. Instead of waiting for plot details to emerge, why don't you jump ahead to make your own guesses about the Lindelof's feature storyline.

The working title is...1952.To get you started, here are a few facts about that year that might help you form your labyrinthine plot. Bonus points to anyone who can incorporate all of the following threads.

· Today premieres on NBC.

· Elizabeth II is named the Queen of the United Kingdom.

· Winston Churchill announces that the UK has an atomic bomb.

· The Diary of Anne Frank is published.

· Isabella Rossellini and John Tesh are born.

· The first successful surgical separation of Siamese twins is conducted.

· The Soviet Union vetoes Japan's application for membership in the United Nations.

Ready, set, go brainstorm plots.

· 'Lost's Damon Lindelof Makes 7-Figure Disney Deal To Write Secret Sci-Fi Feature [Deadline]


  • Furious D says:

    1952 is the number of a hotel room that John Cusack stays in to prove it's not haunted, and he then proves that it isn't haunted. It's was all the work of Mr. Johnson from the nearby amusement park in a ghost mask. He would have gotten away with it, but Cusack blows the conspiracy thanks to the help of some meddling kids.
    Needs some rewrites.

  • Tommy Marx says:

    Am I a nerd for having a major crush on Damon going on eight years now?

  • CMart says:

    Here is my best guess:
    Its the very first broadcast of the Today show, live from London, England covering Winston Churchill's announcement that the UK has the atomic bomb. After moving on to report the story of the first successful separation of siamese twins named Isabella Rosellini and John Tesh, the Queen of England appears on set and, in her first official act as Queen, proclaims that the Diary of Anne Frank will be published worldwide. The Soviet Union, angered by this news, bans Japan from membership in the United Nations.
    Then some plane falls from the sky and crashes on an island in the pacific and then, after a smoke monster appears and tries to make an attempt to leave the island, we find out that the last 18 hours or so of the their entire experience was spent in some sort of purgatory-like existence. Jack closes his eyes; The End.
    Just my guess.

  • SD says:

    Hmmm....I'm guessing that someone else came up with the title and he was brought on to flesh out the plot and added lots of characters and plot twists and it gets more and more ridiculous. In the end none of the loose ends get answered and half the audience says it was the worst film ever. (And I am one of them)

  • annie says:

    So there's not going to be a storyline about attacking people on twitter? I thought that was his favourite thing to do.

  • Zack says:

    Sgt. Frank Tree (played by Dan Akroyd), after joining the OSS in 1942, went on to form one of the CIA's elite spy teams. But now he faces his biggest challenge. A faction of Japanese military leaders, angry at the USSR's denial of their country's entry into the UN, is hatching a genius plan. They have kidnapped Winston Churchill and replaced him with a double, who announces that Britain has a atomic bomb, and he's planning to use it against the USSR. Frank must now team up with his trusted sidekick "Jesse James" Kelso (played by Jim Belushi), and Anne Frank (now living under an assumed identity), and Robert "Chicky" Sanderson (Seth Rogan) to stop the Japanese from causing global nuclear Armageddon. Frank and his crew disguise themselves as reporters on a strange show called Today, in order to get the scoop on this faux-Churchill and the Japanese's dastardly plans, but along the way, he realizes his wife is pregnant with a daughter (Isabella Rosilini), and he catches the lustful eye of Queen Elizabeth II (played by Ned Beatty). But the Japanese realize the CIA has caught on, and they unleash their ultimate weapon (the clone warrior John Tesh) to stop Sgt. Tree and his gang of spies.
    I win.