Lutz Up With That (Cont'd)? Kellan's Latest Debuts to $1,378

Not to pile on, I swear, but here's a quick follow-up about Love Wedding Marriage, the unilaterally panned romantic comedy featuring Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz and directed by veteran actor/first-time helmer Dermot Mulroney: After a delay in reporting, last weekend's box-office data now reveals a whopping $1,378 gross on two screens -- a $689 per-theater average, for those keeping score at home. Bummer. Anyway, team, take heart! You could have been in The Life Zone. [Box Office Mojo]


  • Jorge says:

    Just for the giggles, how come Rocky Mountain Pictures didn't report earnings for "The Lion of Judah" (in 3D!)? Are they genuinely afraid a liberal conspiracy is responsible for their movies tanking? (see "Atlas Shrugged Part I").

  • READON says:

    "Not to pile on, I swear."
    But that's exactly what you always do with your mean-spirited writing, STV.
    Have you seen Love Wedding Marriage? Why did you take the time to write this article? Just to embarrass the actors and the director? To relish in their 'failure' when they probably had zero advertising in this crummy market?

  • Doug W says:

    For those who'd like to give this movie a chance, it's available to rent on itunes.

  • Why, "Atlas Shrugged" was the 61st most profitable movie of the year. :) It also, it must be admitted, had some of the best audience ratings anywhere.

  • writefunny says:

    My heart goes out to those 175 or so people who had to endure the hardship of sitting through this movie. I truly hope they formulated an exit plan far before the end credits.
    I was not that lucky. I had to watch this movie in a conference room at CAA with an ever vigilant agent assistant keeping his steely, beedy little eyes on me. I have never seen bad acting raised to such an awe-inspiring-for-the-wrong-reason level. The images of James Brolin acting Jewish still haunt me. I have recovered through therapy and recognition that none of this was my fault. But I did suffer and still suffer to this day. They may even have a telethon for me.

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