Weinergate: Let's Cast the Inevitable Anthony Weiner Film

It's the political scandal of the moment -- until the next political scandal of the moment. New York congressman Anthony Weiner was busted for engaging in "inappropriate online exchanges with at least six women, and repeatedly lying about sending a sexually suggestive photograph to a young woman over Twitter last month." (Somewhere, John Edwards is saying, "Oh, is that all?") In a summer of superheros and precocious kids, Weiner stands out as -- well, a wiener. And knowing Hollywood, that means a film about the formerly rising (ding!) political star cannot be far behind. Ahead, Movieline offers five casting suggestions for the inevitable Weinergate.


Adrien Brody as Anthony Weiner

There are few Hollywood leading men in Anthony Weiner's age bracket that can give the still-seated congressman a run for his money in the Adam's apple department. (Andrew Garfield is close, but far too young for this role.) At 38, Adrien Brody is only eight years Weiner's junior, possesses the requisite strong apple, and is originally from Woodhaven, New York -- a neighborhood inside the 9th District that Weiner represents. A better fit simply isn't possible.


Rosario Dawson as Huma Abedin

Some background on Huma Abedin: Married to Weiner for barely one year, she's also a political up and comer. (Ding?) Abedin started her career as an intern during the Clinton administration, and later became Hillary Clinton's traveling chief of staff during the 2008 campaign for the Democratic Party nomination. That's all well and good, but what matters for this exercise is that she looks like a bevvy of Hollywood starlets -- Abedin bares a passing resemblance to both Gwen Stefani and Olivia Thirlby (too blond and too young, respectively), but neither bring the looks and toughness together like Rosario Dawson does. That Dawson is also very politically minded herself, is an added bonus.


David Morse as Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart broke Weinergate open last week, and then on Monday hijacked the congressman's press conference -- a ridiculous sequence of events which Jon Stewart correctly dubbed something akin to an episode of Maury. With his beady eyes and oily demeanor, Breitbart certainly recalls Will Ferrell's performance as George W. Bush, but that might be a bit too on the nose. Give David Morse twenty pounds, though, and Breitbart could come to cinematic life. For what it's worth, Val Kilmer would also work here, though probably only if Oliver Stone directed.


Sarah Hyland as Meagan Broussard

26-year-old Texas resident Meagan Broussard was one of at least six women that Anthony Weiner sent sexually charged messages and photographs to. "I just thought it was risky. Real risky," she said to ABC News. Not that risk prevented her from sending some sexually charged images back. Oh, well! Broussard looks very much like Rena Sofer, but since she's almost 20 years older than Texas nurse, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland gets the call. (Alternatively, Hyland could play Bristol Palin in the movie version of Sarah Palin's The Undefeated.)


Raven-Symoné as Gennette Cordova

Poor Gennette Cordova. The girl voted "Most Likely to Be Involved in a Tabloid Scandal" by her high school classmates, actually was: She mistakenly received a crotch shot from Weiner over Twitter, and was the Patient Zero of the entire scandal. Courtesy of her Facebook page, she also looks a lot like Raven-Symoné. That's so Raven random!

[Photos: Getty Images]


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