Watch Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski Continue Their Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry With Dog Pranks

New Era Cap Co. has unveiled a third commercial in their ingenious Yankees/Red Sox rivalry campaign featuring Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski. In the latest spot, the Something Borrowed scene stealer recovers from that nearly face-breaking punch that Baldwin delivered last month with a highly-detailed pet prank. Enjoy while wondering how Movieline's favorite Twitterer is the only person or animal here who gets away with not wearing any of the products he is advertising.


  • Strawberry Pain says:

    Until I got finished reading this article and watching the clip and for a couple of seconds after, I was wondering what "New Era Crap Co." was. And I was wearing my glasses, so I have no excuses.
    Totally considering starting up a business with "Crap Co." in the title, though.