Salt Sequel is On: What Should We Title It?


In other Sony sequel news today, the Angelina Jolie thriller Salt is getting a second installment. Hooray! I think! Jolie was appealing in the original, and if any runaround spy-related actioner deserves another chapter, it's this one. But what shall we call it?

Here are our suggestions.

· Salt 2: Salt and Battery

· Salt 2: Dash of Vinegar

· Salt 2: Guns and Blazers Blazing

· Salt 2: Kung Fu Panda 3

· Salt 2: Outta Pepper

· Salt 2: Fast Five But Not As Fast

· Salt 2: Shiloh Never Sleeps

They have to choose one of those, right? There are no other options. Except yours. Do contribute and best our picks.