Watch Rachel McAdams Play Channing Tatum's Forgetful Wife in Trailer for The Vow

If The Notebook didn't quench your thirst for improbable romances involving Rachel McAdams and memory loss, check out the first trailer for The Vow. The syrupy sweet drama from Michael Sucsy (HBO's Grey Gardens) stars McAdams and Channing Tatum as the kind of PDA-heavy newlyweds you hate until an unfortunate car accident (that happens because the pair can't keep their hands off of each other, ahem) causes one spouse to go all amnesiac on the other. Sad!

It looks like a worst-case scenario mash-up of The Notebook, While You Were Sleeping and 50 First Dates, right? To see the trailer in HD, head on over to Apple. Otherwise, (don't) forget to mark your calendars for February 10.