Watch James Franco Menacingly Eat a Sandwich in Indie Crime Drama Shadows & Lies

Gentleman-thug enforcer Martin Donovan has been sent to bring loner James Franco to his boss, slick gangster Josh Lucas, in NYU professor Jay Anania's indie drama Shadows & Lies. But Franco's eating a sandwich, and you don't want to bother Franco when he's eating a sandwich. "Are you muscling me?" asks Franco's William Vincent. "You'd know if I was," replies Donovan. Watch Movieline's exclusive clip after the jump.

After going through a number of title changes -- first In Praise of Shadows, then William Vincent for its Tribeca debut, and finally Shadows & Lies -- Anania's film hits DVD, Blu-ray, and digital platforms on June 7. The premise is straightforward: Sinister gangster (Lucas) hires William Vincent (Franco) for shady gig, Vincent falls for the boss's beautiful favorite woman (Julianne Nicholson), everything goes to hell, and Vincent is forced to leave town. Four years later, he's back to reclaim his life and the woman he loves.

The synopsis, courtesy of Millenium Entertainment:

Millennium Entertainment proudly announces the DVD, Blu-Ray and digital release of SHADOWS & LIES, a New York crime drama starring Academy Award® nominee James Franco (127 Hours). Written and directed by esteemed New York University film professor, Jay Anania, the film is available on DVD (including a free digital copy) and Blu-Ray at an SRP of $28.98, as well as digitally for $14.99 (Standard Definition download) and $19.99 (High Definition download). Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama) also stars as the crime boss who ensnares Franco's William Vincent. At first, William is hesitant to take on new work, but when he meets the boss' #1 call girl, Ann (Julianne Nicholson, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"), he's in for more than just the money. When things between William and Ann get too intense, and the boss banishes him from New York. How will William get back to the life he misses and the woman he loves?

The talented James Franco stars in Shadows & Lies as William Vincent, a quiet and mysterious criminal. When he falls for a New York gangster's (Lucas) favorite call girl (Nicholson), Vincent is forced to flee the city, threatened with death if he should ever return. But after four years in exile, Vincent secretly returns intent on rescuing the woman he loves from her dangerous fate.

Click here for images from Shadows & Lies, available June 7.


  • loudrockmusic says:

    Am I the only one out there whose teenaged naughty parts got sweaty meeting Martin Donovan in Trust?