VIDEO: Sasha Grey Gets Her Lohanesque Art-Film Close-Up

Mere days after Richard Phillips gave us his luminous, waterlogged objet d'art featuring Lindsay Lohan, the painter/photographer/filmmaker returns this week with new muse Sasha Grey. The porn icon turned serious actress turned exploitation star turned future Sacramento Hall of Famer is the star of Phillips' latest effort, currently being showcased in conjunction with the ongoing Venice Bienniale. It's... cool and all, but what does it mean? Phillips explains:

"For my film portrait of Sasha Grey, I wanted to focus on her expressive and psychological transformation into a cinematic actor, separate from the cues that have associated Sasha with her previous career as a performance artist working within the adult film world." -Richard Phillips

Shot on location at the John Lautner Chemosphere House off Mulholland Drive, the film showcases Sasha as a perpetually evolving figure. Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick (Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, Wall Street, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps) dressed Sasha for the part in an array of lingerie and military inspired garments to highlight the dual nature of her masculine / feminine persona. Looking over the roadside from the vantage point of one the most legendary residences in modern and cinematic history, Sasha reflects on her relationship to the San Fernando Valley landscape- the location of some of her most noted adult performances. Back inside the circular vortex of the Chemosphere, Sasha's inner dialogue projects an equally diaristic and imaginary self-portrait that pushes beyond the extremes of her past filmography and into her new future.

Hmm. I don't know. Has Williams seen Grey's past filmography? It's pretty extreme. "New future" aside, I can assure you the couch in this video feel totally gypped right about now.

[via Movie City Indie]

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