Jamie Campbell Bower Cast Opposite Lily Collins in The Mortal Instruments

JamieCampbellBower300.jpgEven though fans of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instrument series initially pushed for Alex Pettyfer as the lead in Scott Charles Stewart's adaptation -- going so far as to piece together homemade videos of the I Am Number Four star and Lily Collins, who had already been cast -- Screen Gems has given Jamie Campbell Bower the star-making role of Jace Wayland, dreamy Shadowhunter.

The coveted part could be just what Campbell Bower (whose credits include King Arthur in Camelot, Caius in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) needs to transition into the lucrative phase of tween leading man-dom. The Mortal Instruments series is made up of four novels now -- with two more slated for publication in 2012 and 2013 -- and is expected to grow into a film franchise that Screen Gems hopes will be the next Twilight or Harry Potter.

Jace Wayland is described in the novels as an orphaned Shadowhunter with wavy, golden hair and the angular face of an angel, who takes newbie Shadowhunter Clary Fray (Collins) under his wing... only to fall in love with her. Mortal Instruments fans, do you think this was a good casting decision?

· 'Camelot's Jamie Campbell Bower Gets Lead in Screen Gems' 'The Mortal Instruments' [Deadline]


  • Lina says:

    Boo to this casting decision!!! Alex Pettyfer was perfect for this role. Jamie is not good looking enough for the part. This decision has just ruined the books and movie for me! Why cant studios ever listen to the fans?!?!

  • @JB2unique says:

    Pettyfur cannot act if his pretty little life depended on it. Horrid horrid. Jamie has talent and much more of actor Alex ever will be.

  • anonymous says:

    Boo on you. Jamie Campbell Bower is a fine actor, unlike Pettyfer, and seems like he would not be a pain in the ass to work with, unlike pettyfer. Some girls may find him good looking, and besides, not everything is life is about looks (unless you are shallow). Besides, sometimes fans not making casting decisions leads to great things.

  • Crystal says:

    Pettyfer is a fine actor, and definitely better looking for the role, HOWEVER, HE is the one who did not want to take the role. or his schedule was too filled up. either way, Screen Gems did listen to the fans, and offered to part to Pettyfer, it would have been his if he had accepted it. but he didn't, so they had to look elsewhere. i think if he has a haircut and buffs up a little Bower miiight do the role some justice.

  • Meg says:

    It's a rather unflattering picture, if only because that's a lackluster try at the smoldering cockiness inherent to Jace's character.
    I've yet to see the new Camelot but I've heard good things. The ensemble is quite good. So I'll reserve my verdict and have hope that by association with Joseph Fiennes his acting chops will do the part justice.

  • Sarah says:

    Boo to you! JCB is a horrendous actor-anyone seen Camelot lately? The casting decisions for this movie are turning it into what is going to be a B movie at best-heck it might even have to air on the family channel or Disney. At least Hunger Games has some major stars in it. Mortal Instruments has JCB and Collins lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    Boo to you as well! You obviously did not see him in Sweeny Todd, in which he was awesome! Part of the reason he is not as good in Camelot was because the writing for Sweeny Todd was much better than it is in Camelot. He may not be the greatest actor alive, but he's fine enough, and again, not a douche who nobody wants to work with, like Pettyfer

  • Quinn says:

    I agree with Sarah. The casting of this movie sucks. Collins got the part since she worked with the director on Priest, which wasn't very good either. They cast her so quickly it put them in a tight spot in finding a Jace. And one that would work well with her. Casting Jamie just seems like they gave up. Seriously he's an ok actor at best like Collins. You can't tell me that they can't find someone who doesn't need extreme makeover body edition to pull off the part and has some real acting ability in Hollywood. The guy's dirty-haired and scrawny with bad teeth and posture. He's going to need dental work and at least half a year of training to put on enough muscle for the role. I am so pissed I'm not going to be going Screen Gems any of my money. No matter what they do this guy will NEVER be able to pull off Jace.

  • Quinn says:

    I have seen the first few episodes of Camelot and at the time could not understand why any would think Jamie Campbell Bower should be a leading man. I stopped watching because he wasn't very compelling. The shows ratings have reflected that as well as and the network not bothering to renew it yet.

  • Ammy says:

    I'm with Crystal on this one, both regarding Pettyfer and JCB. (Anyone else noticed that his first two initials are JC? Just saying. No spoilers for those who haven't read.) Besides, Cassie was blown away by JCB's audition tape, as was the studio. She's the author, people. I trust her judgment. In Camelot he has some great scenes, and some not so great, and he seems a little old for the role of Jace, but if Cassie fell in love, I eagerly await this movie for one reason more.

  • Barbara Black says:

    Well there are people complaining about his body, but a good example is Taylor Lautner, was thinner than a toothpick now it's killing so cat, and Campbell is very beautiful, just look at him, and most will just complain now, but when the movie comes out they will be dying for him, shouting, BEAUTIFUL, CAT, EVERYTHING YOU WANT ¬ is a reality, Implications only now, but when he appears in the film they will do so.

  • Annabella says:

    I am VERY VERY VERY Unhappy with this casting. Why? - BECAUSE HE'S NOT EVEN ALIKE THE JACE I'VE GOT INSIDE MY HEAD. And yes, when it comes to Jace, just about everything IS about how he looks. He's described as an Angel on the outside, which, Jamie can never be. I'm not even going to see the movie, because i know it's gonna ruin my love for the books, and the story it self.
    And Lilly as little tiny cutie redhead clary?.... No. Never ever gonna work. She's just way to grown up to be looking even ALIKE Clary. I can't accept this...

    (About the thing with Jace: I don't think i'm gonna be satisfied, no matter who it is. But Jamie WAS JUST TOO WRONG. For me, he's an akward young man singing about his love to a girl sitting in a window - Sweeney Todd.)

    I still hope they're gonna find someone else, for both. And i'm DEADLY worried about who the hell they're gonna cast for Magnus and Alec.... *sigh* what to do, what to do.