Colin Farrell is One Creepy Neighbor in New Clip from Fright Night

It's not even June, but that doesn't mean Hollywood isn't already thinking about the dog days of summer. Right on the heels of the first trailer for Spy Kids: All the Time in the World comes a new clip for fellow August release, Fright Night. The Craig Gillespie-directed remake features Colin Farrell as a vampire and Anton Yelchin as the neighborhood kid who must stop him from biting people. Also, from being totally creepy. Click ahead for the lasciviousness.

Farrell -- who turns 35 today; happy birthday, C-Dog! -- is quite a charmer! Only problem: Why does every image from this film look like it was taken from a dim computer monitor?

[via MTV]


  • FilmFather says:

    Why is Farrell looking left and right so much? He's reminding me of Bobby Moynihan's Anthony Crispino on SNL's Weekend Update.
    "Didja here about, dis uh, movie remake? Yeah, apparently Colin Powell is gonna play a killer umpire!"