Watch Lindsay Lohan in Arty New Short Film

Lindsay Lohan may be under house arrest as of Thursday, but the troubled starlet is still able to make her art house debut via a new 90-second film by renowned painter Richard Phillips. The project, straightforwardly titled "Lindsay Lohan," was shot last month in Malibu and will play the first week of June in New York City's Gagosian Gallery. Take a look at the "psychological portrait" ahead and bonus points to whomever can guess which two 1960s films inspired the filmmaker and his muse.

If you guessed Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt (starring Brigitte Bardot) and Ingmar Bergman's Persona (starring Liv Ullmann), you win! In an interview with the New York Times, Phillips said, "What fascinates me about Lindsay are not her problems but the way she embodies an eminence on the level of a Bardot or an Ullmann. [...] She's a combination of the fantastic and the real, which is what makes her so magnetic."

The film will also be played on a Jumbotron alongside the Grand Canal in Venice during the opening festivities of the 54th Venice Biennale in June. Because, why not.

[via THR]


  • tn says:

    She looks beautiful in that black turtle neck.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Which hair/skin/lip-gloss/bail bond product is this a commercial for?

  • argento2665 says:

    You know what? She's really hot in this. Really hot.

  • MikeDinosaur says:

    Bad art film, bad commercial, or bad music video? I just can't decide.

  • Ltdumbear says:

    Give us a fricken BREAK far as I'm concerned, the girl has NO marketable talent whatsoever. Neither did Marylyn Monroe (other than being able to carry a tune halfway decently) but Lohan can't even hold a CANDLE to Monroe in the 'looks' dept; perhaps in another 5 yrs IF she can get off the booze and drugs. If hollywood wants to impress me, have them 're-invent' Lohan by casting her in a 'La Morte De Arthur' re-boot as 'The Lady of The Lake'...emerging in sequined splendor, offering the long-lost sword Excalibur with an expression of 'challenge' on her face. Or even better...perhaps have her train for the role of 'The White Warrior' from the (failed) martial-arts Cable-Movie 'Invincible'; at least THAT way she'll have added some physical-training to her least SOMETHING that fans and movie-goers can sit back and say "WOW...she sure has re-bounded with a vengeance !" in much the same way that Robert Downey Jr. (and others) have recently. Show me THAT kindof skill and ability to shock me, and THEN I'll pay GOOD money to go see her movies.

  • Blackwolf says:

    Personally I think she should have to donate themoney she makes from this to local charity's. She is a criminal and a repeat offender and should not be allowed to profit from this film. If prisoners are not allowed to profit why should she????

  • jim says:

    This reminds me of sprockets frpm SNL. Where's Dieter?

  • radii says:

    booooring ... they did stuff like this all the time in the 60s and 70s and much much better

  • Matt says:

    Right. Because Marilyn Monroe stayed off the booze and drugs so well.