Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen Try to Make Cancer Funny in 50/50 Trailer

Some of you may have been skeptical when you heard that Seth Rogen was following up The Green Hornet and Paul with a cancer project. Maybe the first trailer for 50/50 will change your mind, however. About a young man diagnosed with cancer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), 50/50 is based on the real-life experiences of screenwriter (and Rogen's friend) Will Reiser. Rogen and a talented trio of leading ladies (Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard and Anjelica Huston) co-star as Gordon Levitt's friends and family. But can they make cancer funny?

Jonathan Levine (The Wackness) directs. 50/50 hits theaters on Sept. 30.

Head over to Apple for a look at 50/50 in HD.

[Image: Apple]