Are Your #LessInterestingMovies Funnier Than Movieline's?

chigurh250.jpgI doubt it. On Twitter right now there's a trending meme called "#lessinterestingbooks" where Twitter users contribute little puns on book titles that sound like (watch this) less interesting versions of the original. Funny funnery. Things like "Their Eyes Were Watching Paint Dry," "Harry Potter and the Order of Takeout," etc. Since we don't read no books at Movieline, we've come up with a few #lessinterestingmovies and would like to challenge you formally to a duel of funny. Come along.

· One Drove a Hyundai Elantra Around the Cuckoo's Nest

· They Shoe Horses, Don't They? The Horseshoe Place Up in Modesto?

· No Country for Declared Commonweath

· Who's Afraid of Virginia Heffernan's Extensive Vocabulary?

· 4:30 P.M. Cowboy

· Drag Me to Helen Reddy's Comeback Tour

· The Venison Eater

· The Hours

Eh, I'd give ours a 6 out of 10. Your turn. Happy Thursday!


  • The Winchester says:

    Drugstore Customer
    Romeo is Eating
    Natural Born Insurance Salesmen

  • Jamie Noir says:

    I am pathetically proud of some of these. Others, less so. And some are probably wasted on an American website.
    - Fear And Loathing In Las Animas County, Colorado
    - Debbie Does Dulwich
    - Apollo 12
    - Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Office Supplies
    - Being John Major
    - Beverly Hills Traffic Cop
    - Quite Bad Things
    - Conan The Bar Exam Invigilator
    - Betty Beige
    - American Psychosomatic
    - All About Evensong
    - Heckraiser
    - The Second To Last Of The Mohicans
    - Deuce Bigalow: Fishtank Cleaner
    - Mission: Feasible
    - Doctor Donothing
    - Shakespeare In Bed
    - Edward Fingerhands
    - Some Like It Inclement
    - Everyone Says I Like You
    - V For Vienetta
    - The Mild Bunch
    - Roman Mini-Break
    - Pie
    - From Hull
    - Requiem For A Day Dream
    - Soft Boiled
    - Charlie And The Chocolate Bar
    - The Dark Night
    - Even Shorter Cuts
    - The Godparent
    - Schindler’s Shopping List
    - It’s An OK Life
    - Wall
    - The Deerstalker
    - The Grapes Of Walmart
    - Finding Memo
    - My Ex-Girlfriend

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Drugstore Customer is money. 30 pun-oints to you.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Some Like It Inclement is the LOLer. Frankly, some do!

  • TONY says:

    1.- The Good, the bad & John Kerry
    2.- The chronicles of Martin Lawrence: The witch, the bad boy & the big momma
    3.- Wall - Mart
    4.- Boy-toy Story
    5.- Jurassic Prank
    6.- Terminator 2: Child support payment day
    7.- Hawaii 5 - Obama
    8.- Rocky Balboa & bullwinkle
    9.- It happened one night... in the oval office
    10.- How green was my belly
    11.- House: The greatest show on earth
    12.- On the Watergate
    13.- The Pakistan connection
    14.- Dances with wolverine
    15.- The silence of the limbs
    and that´s all i got... for now

  • NP says:

    _The Hearty Handshake Goodnight_
    _Butter Knife in the Water_
    _Tedium on 34th Street_
    _Women on the Verge of Yawning_
    _Somewhat Reversible_
    _Puppy Creek_
    _Auntie Lame_
    _Riding in Cars Alone_
    _The Steno Pad_
    _I Wake Up Blinking_
    _Harry is No Trouble At All_
    _Pan's Bike Lane_
    _F for Fun and Fancy Free_
    _Pee-wee's Trip to the DMV_

  • NP says:

    My fave is Mission: Feasible.

  • Anonymoose says:

    The Sound of Mucuous,
    Pizza delivery on Elm Street,
    Kung-Pao Panda

  • Jamie Noir says:

    I'm loving Riding In Cars Alone.
    I tried to think of something for The Long Kiss Goodnight but all I could come up with was The Quick Peck On The Cheek Goodnight. Brevity being the soul of wit and all that didn't make the cut. The Hearty Handshake Goodnight is much funnier.

  • The Winchester says:

    Jurassic Idle

  • Louis Virtel says:

    I'm worried someone will see "Jurassic Prank" and make it. Seriously.

  • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

    Raising Alaska
    Gone in 60 Years
    Prevaricated Grit
    Don't Say Anything

  • The Winchester says:

    The Shawshank Institutionalization.
    The King's Glasses Prescription
    Look Back
    Catch Me. Or Don't. It's Entirely Up To You.
    The Other Thing

  • TONY says:

    Don´t worry, i´m registering it first thing in the morning

  • The Winchester says:

    Mild Inconvenience in Chinatown
    (Last one, I swear)

  • Jamie says:

    Dial M for Mediocre Takeout

  • Lauren says:

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce

  • Hannah says:

    There Won't Be Blood.
    frankly, it's the more honest title.

  • Martini Shark says:

    A Therapeutic Walker to Remember
    The Quotidian Worker
    Requiem for a Senior Moment
    It's a Wonderful Board Game

  • OldTowneTavern says:

    Three Days of the Condo
    Doris Day Afternoon
    The French Canadian Connection (sorry)
    Plight of the Iguana
    Fast Times at Ridgemont Montessorri
    Ferris Beuller's Lay Off
    The Mini Driver

  • Rob says:

    All Faye Dunaway edition:
    Bonnie Franklin and Clyde Kusatsu
    The Tower Inn in Fresno
    The Eyes of Laura Bush
    The CW Network

  • Louis Virtel says:

    25,000 points for a Bonnie Franklin reference. You're in the lead by 24,987 now.

  • Joe says:

    Wells Fargo
    The Chronicles of Peoria
    The Notecard
    Breakfast at Denny's
    There Will Be Bruises

  • Brian Clark says:

    Butter Knife in the Water is brilliant, as is I wake up Blinking. Well done.