Twitter Helps Name Sarah Palin's New Film, and Now You Can Too

If you thought the upcoming Sarah Palin documentary sounded like a bit of a joke, you're not alone. For the last few hours Twitter users have spent precious work time coming up with pithy alternate titles for The Undefeated (the film's actual title), and now you can join in on the fun as well. Click ahead to read the ten funniest #palinfilmnames, and then add your own in the comments section.

Thanks to Videogum for the heads up on this hilarious hashtag.

10. @MattOrtega: The Moose Hunter

9. @SimonMaloy: Dial "R" for Refudiate

8. @jonhartmannjazz: Legally Bland

7. @trev0rj: Citizen Vain

6. @jurisdog: Kung Fu Panderer

5. @delrayser: Forgetting Sarah's Awful

4. @DavidOAtkins: How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying

3. @AnnaHolmes: Bad News (Mama) Bears

2. @DarthWeiner75: Unelectable

1. @LuckyJimJD: Charade

Last one to use Mystery, Alaska is a moose carcass!