Count the Times 'Smurf' Is Used in Place of an Expletive in New Smurfs Trailer

One of the not-so-sneakiest potential box office smashes arriving in theaters later this summer? Try The Smurfs, which opens on July 29 opposite the dark franchise starter Cowboys and Aliens and the romcom Crazy, Stupid, Love. Just imagine how many kids will want to see the little blue guys -- in 3D, no less -- instead of a moody Daniel Craig and/or teary-eyed Steve Carell (save them for the adults, anyway). Plus, judging from the brand-new trailer, The Smurfs apparently will offer the young ones a whole new way to say swear words! Click ahead to see for yourself, you smurfing smurfhole.

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, Smurfs? Vocabulary aside, this trailer is proof positive that Neil Patrick Harris can be funny and charming in anything.

The Smurfs smurfs into theaters on July 29.


  • John C. says:

    That one... with the mutton chops... sounds awfully similar to Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers series.