VIDEO: Todd Phillips Slugs It Out With Another Interviewer

todd_phillips_dp30.jpgRegardless of what happens critically or commercially with The Hangover Part II, director Todd Phillips has established himself as nothing less than Hollywood's reigning press-tour pugilist. Not literally, of course -- no one has footage of him punching interrogators' teeth into the backs of their throats (yet) -- but rather with candid, confrontational aplomb, as featured in a new video interview.

We at Movieline know Phillips' good side and bad side from experience, and while volatility can often be refreshing in these long junket slogs, it's much more entertaining to observe something like his give-and-take with Movie City News editor David Poland. Here you'll find such gregarious Phillips zeal as, "Let's do it, because it's going to be aggressive; I'm not a fan of Poland's or the site" and, "You might be the worst box-office prognosticator on the planet Earth" uttered within the first two minutes of Poland's 30-minute interview. One wag said it's better than The Hangover Part II; I don't know yet, myself, and it actually does settle down after a bit. But by the time Phillips is picking a bug out of his paper cup wine, it really is pretty funny.

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  • ZebedeeDooDah says:

    I get the impression Todd Phillips has an enemies list (and now I'm worried I'll be on it. Seriously, the dude clearly spends a lot of time on movie websites).
    While I agree with the pugilistic metaphor of this article, it doesn't seem like there's a lot of malice in Phillips demeanor. Just seems like the dude doesn't like to bullshit.

  • ZebedeeDooDah says:

    Oh, and I'm totally with him on bathroom humour. He's got my business just on the guarantee that I won't have to listen to disgusting fart and shit sounds.

  • HwoodHills says:

    Thanks for posting this, Movieline!
    Several things were learned after watching it.
    1. Sarcasm (in print) doesn't travel well when quotes are pulled.
    2. Phillips was to the point and very polite.
    3. The interviewer was also cool enough to keep going even after being challenged verbally at the top of the interview.
    4. Attention Media- Pulled "sound bites" and "quotes shown out of context" can be evil things.
    5. I walk away from this thinking Phillips is a pretty good guy and more websites should show "full" interviews as opposed to just clips.
    6. This headline's more than a little unfair considering the "slugging" lasted only a few minutes (out of an interview that's 28:38 long.)
    Thanks, again, for the post!

  • Cameron says:

    Why is Todd giving this Jackass 29 mins of his time?

  • sissi212 says:

    I actually thought it was a really good interview and yes he did put DP on the spot a few times but so what how many times do these guys get it all wrong and never never apologize.

  • Quirky- says:

    For someone with an awfully shitty resume, he's a bit of a douche, no?
    Take Galifianakis out of the equation and The Hangover really did suck balls. If I see the sequel, it sure as hell won't be at 14 bucks a ticket, it'll be a DVD rental at best (and not on my dime!)

  • vivelgel says:

    I appreciate his candor, it's refreshing cause it's no holds barred.

  • big penis says:


  • Quirky- says:

    Sorry, Todd. Does it help that I was wearing sunglasses and drinking wine out of a paper cup when I wrote that?

  • flocusfilms says:

    Todd Phillips is one INCREDIBLE director!! 😀 There are many great movies he made aside from the Hangover series, but even Hangover was spectacular! XD Check the link below to see a compilation of some of the funniest scenes from Hangover 2!! 🙂