Toby Jones Latest Addition to The Hunger Games

tobyjones-120.jpgAnd you thought The Dark Knight Rises had a ridiculously packed cast! Following the news that Lenny Kravitz would play Cinna in The Hunger Games, Deadline reports that Toby Jones has joined the film. He's set to play Claudius Templesmith, the host/announcer of the games, opposite Stanley Tucci. Still not cast: President Snow. Suggestions welcome in the comments. [Deadline]


  • RyanAshton says:

    I'm thinking Malcolm McDowell for Snow...

  • j'accuse! says:

    I have no idea who President Snow is, but Ian McShane would be good.

  • KevyB says:

    Why would they even cast President Snow for the first movie? In the book the only thing he does is crowns the victors of the Hunger Games. He doesn't even speak until the second book. Why pay an actor - and this role will probably go to a big name - for one non-speaking scene? I don't see any reason to expand the role either. The part is completely unimportant in the first book. Let Caesar crown the victors and introduce the President at the beginning of Catching Fire.