Frankenstein Could Be Alive On the Big Screen, and 5 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

frankenstein300.jpgAlso in this Tuesday edition of The Broadsheet: The Dark Knight Rises is still casting... Wanted 2 gets a status update... Freaky Friday will soon have a pet equivalent... and more ahead.

· It's (almost) alive! Deadline reports that Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Auburn will adapt The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein for Sam Raimi's Ghost House Productions and RT Pictures with eyes on a feature film. The source book is an origin story for the good doctor, one where he encounters Mary Shelley. Spooky, scary. Casebook is one of five Frankenstein projects currently in some stage of development. [Deadline]

· Another day, another two people hired for the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. Character actors Brett Cullen and Chris Ellis have been added to the NFL-sized roster as a judge and priest, respectively. [Variety]

· What's going on with Wanted 2? Still not much. MTV caught up with Wanted producer Jim Lemley, who gave an update: "We still talk sometimes about Wanted 2," he said. "We want to try and continue that story because it's a very interesting one for us." For what it's worth, Angelina Jolie said her deceased character would not be returning for any sequel. [MTV]

· Perhaps all things Spider-man are cursed. At least that's what Julie Taymor is probably thinking right now. Production on The Amazing Spider-man in New York on Monday had to be delayed following a crane malfunction that trapped two crew members six stories above the street. Happy ending: New York City firefighters got the men to safety. [NYP]

· Good thing the world didn't end over the weekend: The History Channel has commissioned Survivor creator Mark Burnett to make a 10-part docuseries called The Bible. The latest greatest story ever told will air in 2013. [Deadline]

· David H. Steinberg -- who wrote the upcoming Puss in Boots -- has been hired by New Line Cinema to rewrite Furry Friday. The live-action film is about a cat and dog that switch bodies. Sorry in advance, parents. [Variety]


  • The Winchester says:

    Upon returning the crew members to the ground, the NYFD just looked at Spiderman and shook their heads disapprovingly.