Watch the Real-Fake First Teaser for The Muppets

Take that, #thefirerises! In a bit of viral marketing that rivals The Dark Knight Rises, Disney has released the first teaser trailer for the big-screen return of The Muppets under the cover of Green With Envy -- a fake romcom co-starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams. And Kermit. And Miss Piggy. Click ahead to up your nostalgia intake by 76 percent.

Per the official Green With Envy plot description: "Love struck meets star struck when a small town couple (Amy Adams, Jason Segel) head to Hollywood and discover their dreams of hitting the big time may cost them the one thing that matters most -- each other." Not mentioned: The Muppets!

According to /Film, Disney released the teaser in front of Pirates of the Caribbean over the weekend, but waited to do likewise online because it supposedly plays better with an audience. Judge that for yourself by watching below.

The Muppets hits theaters on Nov. 23. Head over to Apple to watch the trailer in HD.


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