The Adventures of Tintin International Trailer Is Still Afraid Of Showing You Their Faces

You've already enjoyed the first American glimpse at Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's motion-capture epic, but now take a gander at The Adventures of Tintin trailer our friends overseas are enjoying. It's mostly the same with a new shots and scenes thrown in, but what's most disconcerting is that this trailer still has the same reticence to show the characters faces, particularly when one of them is speaking. Is it because, despite the metric ton of cash dumped on it, motion capture people still dwell in the uncanny valley of creepy dead-eyed mannequins? Maybe! At least they actually said Tintin's name in this one. Take a look below!


  • Jamie Noir says:

    I don't remember Tintin looking quite so much like La Roux.

  • Maxim says:

    What a bunch of wrongheaded balloney this is! First of all, the international teaser came out at the same time as the American one did so there is no "still".
    Second, this is just a teaser (get this idea into your head)! Nobody is afraid to show anything, they are just keeping things mysterious for the time being because, it's not even a full trailer yet. And how dare you acuse anyone of being scared when they do such a dramatic (and gorgeous) reveal of Tintin's face at the end?

  • jake says:

    Nice try, Maxim, but once again mocap has failed. That is the only reason why they aren't showing faces. If they had something to be proud of, trust me, it would be in the teaser (like that monkey's face in the new Planet of the Apes). If they were trying to keep things mysterious, they would show us mysterious things that make us interested, not a bunch of random moments. This is crap pure and simple.
    BTW, feel free to go watch a bunch of 3D movies. That fad still has some legs for idiots like yourself. For about another six months. For all the sane people, we will still be watching good animation and good old 2D when your love of unnecessary technology in movies comes to an end. Come back to us, Maxim. coooooome baaaaack.

  • casting couch says:

    I would also say it's because they know the negativity towards mocapped characters like this and don't want the teasers and trailers turning audiences off.

  • ZebedeeDooDah says:

    It's not coming out until December, so the reason they're being careful about showing stuff is probably that it's not ready to be seen. Generally any early trailer for a film that uses CGI will use placeholder graphics, or at least stuff that is still developed before the release.
    Also, Jake, your second paragraph of completely random (and fairly vitriolic) attacks on Maxim and 3D films makes you seem like a mental case. Yes, we're on the internet, but that's no excuse for being a twat.

  • SD says:

    Am I the only one excited for this? It looks just like I remember the books (although I will admit it has been about 20 years since I read them).

  • wgallo says:

    zeebeedeedo whatever else is soo right......they tuned up a lot 3d characters, and are not showing cuz final rendering and editing present on a real trailer are not ready yet. why the need for the aggresivity against leads to nothing and it wont change anything at all....its a huge responsibility to put herge on the big screen, and im sure it will not be disappointing at all, but to the negativists....