New 3-D Green Lantern Trailer Isn't 3-D But It Is Bad-Ass

You might've seen the new Green Lantern trailer in front of your 3-D Pirates of the Caribbean 4 screening, but just in case you're lucky enough to avoid that cinematic trashheap, here's the full trailer below. Charge up your power rings and take a look!

I have to say, I might be slowly changing my mind on Green Lantern. The ridiculous costume and the ghastly sight of marble-mouthed space hooker Blake Lively was enough to put me in the skeptical camp. But seeing how much detail, both visual and story, is going into the Corps, is really starting to impress me. Much like Thor, this seems like a comic book movie that embraces its cosmic origins rather than underplay them.


  • Jf says:

    I too was beginning to feel good about this movie. But now as a fan of 40 yrs give or take I have to say they are losing ground again. The monster is Parallax?!? Umm did we miss that Hal Jordan himself became Parallax when he snapped and absorbed all the energy from the Central Battery on Oa? Now in this new clip he 'seems' to be getting taken over by the yellow energy... maybe that's how they are gonna tie it back to the original storyline by having him become Parallax that way for a time... We shall see...

  • Pat says:

    I'm not nerdy enough to know the comic book or origin story, but this trailer does trump the first trailer. A little. It still looks too full of CG. However, Ryan Reynolds could take his clothes off every 15 minutes or so and make it riveting.
    Also, I quite liked Blake Lively in "The Town."

  • j'accuse! says:

    First off, yeah, it always strikes me as a bit odd when the comic book people spazz about not religiously following the comics. I always tell them, these people are creative, they want to add their own spin on it as they translate it from one medium to another. Also, as a dude, I have no problem whatsoever stating that Ryan Reynolds is a damn fine looking fella.

  • casting couch says:

    Why do Hal's eyes change from brown to blue when he's wearing the mask?

  • landonamelia says:

    This thing is looking better and better. Can't wait to see it!

  • David says:

    If they were creative, they'd be making (gasp) original movies, and not churning out endless sequels, prequels, book/comic/video game movies, and rehashes.
    There's nothing creative about being unable to adhere to a well laid out source material. Some things need to be tweeked here and there, granted, but I, for one, find needless changes stupid and insulting.