Friday Box Office: Pirates Pull In Only Medium-Sized Booty

Pirates of the Caribbean 4, the most unnecessary sequel until next weekend, sailed into the box office harbor last night but was only able to make off with a rather disappointing $35 million. And while most people would love to be disappointed by $35 million, this latest money-grab adventure from Jack Sparrow is on track to earn significantly less than the $115 opening weekend that the third Pirates iteration enjoyed. But hey! Bridesmaid is doing swell! Your Friday box office is here.


2. BRIDESMAIDS: $6,300,000 ($44,800,000)

3. THOR: $4,400,000 ($130,400,000)

4. FAST FIVE: $3,100,000 ($178,600,000)

5. PRIEST: $1,400,000 ($20,400,000)

[Numbers via Deadline]


  • The Winchester says:

    Looks like Orlando Bloom's curse on Disney for not hiring him worked!

  • Tommy Marx says:

    Call it the Matrix effect. When the previous film is so horrible, the new sequel will have to fight an uphill battle to gain trust back.

  • The Winchester says:

    In what world is Matrix Reloaded worse than Matrix Revolutions?

  • Tommy Marx says:

    They are equally horrible. But the second movie opened huge because of how good Matrix was. The third movie bombed because of how bad Matrix Reloaded was and because it couldn't generate any positive word of mouth (for a good damn reason).
    The first Pirates was excellent. The second was good. The third was abysmal. So the fourth isn't going to open as big (although 90 mil is a lot better than I thought it would do - I was thinking 75 mil). If it gets good word of mouth, it can survive the third movie.