VIDEO: Hitler Naturally Displeased With Lars Von Trier's Cannes Banishment

The Hitler-rant-from-Downfall meme hasn't been especially fresh for a while now, but some enterprising soul found a useful contemporary application in this week's news that Lars von Trier was banned from the Cannes Film Festival for likening himself to a Nazi. Der Führer, who apparently had a meet-and-greet scheduled with the controversial filmmaker, is most displeased.

The corresponding subtitles are NSFW, but they are inspired. [via @erikdavis]


  • Amanda says:

    This is just as bad -- I just don't find Hitler funny -- Does anyone find the King/Dictator of Sudan funny?

  • ZebedeeDooDah says:

    Man, Hitler sure does love him some English slang.
    On a slightly more serious note, this video was pretty disappointing. Apart from the "he's the only filmmaker that gets me" line or whatever it was, the dialogue could have been applied to pretty much any director, barely a reference to the actual controversy or content of Von Trier's remarks.
    Boo-urns, says I.

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