Transformers: Dark of the Moon Will Come Out Even Sooner, and 5 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

Also in this Friday edition of The Broadsheet: Another Arnold Schwarzenegger project will likely take a break... Holly Hunter circles two big roles... Alec Baldwin could team with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg... and more ahead.

· Has this past week of Transformers: Dark of the Moon hype gotten you sufficiently excited to see the Michael Bay-directed film? Then you'll enjoy this: Paramount has decided to move up the Dark of the Moon release date. Instead of being released in theaters on July 1, the threequel will hit two days earlier, on June 29. "Early response to footage, especially the 3D footage, has been great so we want to get the word out that this film is as good or better than the first and much better than the last," said an insider to Movieline sister site Deadline. If you own a Transformers: Dark of the Moon poster with the original July 1 date, consider selling it on eBay. [Deadline]

· As predicted here on Thursday, a new report from TMZ claims that The Governator -- the animated series that was to make Arnold Schwarzenegger into a superhero for kids -- has been shelved. [TMZ]

· Holly Hunter -- whose last significant onscreen role in a non-animated film was Thirteen back in 2003 -- will co-star with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis in Still I Rise, an indie drama about the Pittsburgh public school system. Hunter is also in talks to star opposite Hailee Steinfeld in Romeo & Juliet. [Deadline]

· According to producer Adam McKay, that recently announced Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg football comedy should be perfectly awesome. McKay reports that Alec Baldwin will co-star as Wahlberg's onscreen father, while he's also hoping to cast Jeremy Renner and Rob Riggle in roles. The only problem? Because of a rights issue, the film might not be called Turkey Bowl; its current working title is Three Mississippi. [EW]

· Speaking on Attack of the Show, Jack Black teased the possibility of more music from Tenacious D, the band he has with Kyle Gass. Party like it's 2002! [CinemaBlend]

· You may have thought The Hunger Games was done casting, but it's not: Latarsha Rose and Brooke Bundy have been hired to play Peeta's stylist and a member of her prep team, respectively. [THR]