The Leaked Election Ending Wasn't Actually the Original

ElectionWitherspoonBroderick300.jpgLast week, an alternate six-minute scene that was rumored to be the original ending to Alexander Payne's dark comedy Election surfaced on the Internet. In a new interview though, Matthew Broderick clears up all of the confusion about the mystery clip.

In the humdrum found footage -- which Paramount has since taken off of YouTube -- Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) and Mr. McAllister (Broderick) work through their differences while car shopping (Tracy is looking, Mr. McAllister is selling), and the scene ends with teacher signing the yearbook of his one-time mortal enemy student. But when Broderick spoke to Vulture last night, he clarified that the original original Election ending was different.

"[Tracy and Mr. McAllister] had an argument. So whatever got leaked is not quite the original script ending. I remember it pretty well, but it was written, not shot. The original ending that they shot, it was sadder, and I guess when they showed it to an audience, they got bummed out. So they made it more upbeat. I like the ending that they released, but I always liked the original one, too."

So there you have it; no one may ever see the original Election ending.

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