Watch Destruction-Filled New Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

The marketing machine for Transformers: Dark of the Moon is really ramping up now that early-bird journalists got their first look at the kinetic 3-D action stylings of Michael Bay -- a portion of which footage is now online for your perusal/approval -- and Paramount decided to move up their release date to June 29. After the jump, watch the 3-D trailer (in 2-D here, obviously) filled with wanton destruction, a tease of Dark of the Moon's conspiracy theory premise, and more glorious destruction as Decepticons tear through downtown Chicago.

Just imagine you're watching this in 3-D, as this is the trailer attached to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3-D in theaters this weekend. The trailer was screened in 3-D for press Wednesday night in Los Angeles at Paramount's Michael Bay-James Cameron panel chat following the first five minute opening sequence.

If you ask me, the action here looks incredible. The details in the minute moving robot parts were previously difficult to distinguish in Bay's first two Transformers movies, but as I described in the 3-D footage report, it seems as though the unique challenges of working in 3-D have benefited Bay's natural shooting style.

My one quibble here, which I noticed the other night while watching this footage in the Paramount Theater, where Bay warned us that some of the effects were unfinished, is the overhead building shot at 1:19. What I assumed was an unfinished effect then appears to be simply a terrible finished CG shot, especially compared to the elegant, detailed visual symphony that is a giant tentacled robot slowly wringing a Chicago skyscraper to death.

Thoughts, Movieliners?

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