And That's When Kristen Bell Made Out With the Hangover Part II Monkey

kristen_crystal450.jpgA photo may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you only need one to describe the image immortalized in that frame. Like, "Eww."

Or, "Aww!" Or any number of other instinctive reactions sparked by Kristen Bell's intimate red-carpet moment with Crystal the Monkey, the humble, non-smoking breakout star of The Hangover Part II. I'm not sure how their tryst eluded the omnipresent cameras of Thursday night's world premiere Webcast, but in any case, Bell tweeted the image this morning, setting fanboy hearts aflutter and no doubt driving Dax Shepard to bitter, devastated envy. Or maybe his own one-word response: "Threesome." (Click for full-size image.)

[via @IMkristenbell]