The Ghostbusters Fire Station May Close Due to Budget Cuts

Because even real-life problems like budgetary issues potentially causing the closure of 20 New York City firehouses have a relation to movies, there's this bit of news: Ladder Company No. 8 -- better known as the fire station that was used as headquarters for Ray, Venkman and Egon in Ghostbusters -- could close later this year, Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced on Wednesday night. Click ahead to remember the fire house as it was meant to be remembered -- with Dan Aykroyd sliding down its pole.

· 'Fired'houses on budget hit list [NYP]


  • The Winchester says:

    If the movie nerds of the world united to get a statue of Robocop for Detroit, I'm sure there is no way they'll let this station close.

  • Ben says:

    The clip you posted is of a firehouse in LA. Hook and Ladder 8 in Tribecca was only used for the exteriors.
    "You shut that thing down and we are not going to be held responsible for what happens."