Peter Fonda Bashes President Obama in Cannes: 'You are a F*cking Traitor'

peterfonda300.jpgIs it too early to coin the phrase "pulling a von Trier?" Because Peter Fonda added even more outspokenness to the controversy-laden Cannes Film Festival this week, calling President Barack Obama out during at Tuesday press conference for his BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill documentary The Big Fix. Not riding so easy anymore, eh Pete? Read Fonda's expletive-laden accusations after the jump.

"I sent an email to President Obama saying, 'You are a fucking traitor,' using those words," said Fonda according to the Telegraph during a Cannes press conference for the political doc, which Fonda appears in and executive produced. "'You're a traitor, you allowed foreign boots on our soil telling our military -- in this case the Coast Guard -- what they can and could not do, and telling us, the citizens of the United States, what we could or could not do.'" The "foreign boots" in question refer to representatives from BP.

Directed by Rebecca and Josh Tickell, The Big Fix premiered out of competition as the only documentary in the official selection in Cannes and examines the scandal behind the BP oil spill and its impact on people in the region.

From Deadline's Cannes report:

Unfortunately the Tickells' half-baked movie never rises to the occasion, settling in to be an overly slanted agitprop that is bleak and hopelessly depressing. The directors have chosen interview subjects who offer repetitive theories on how the problems that got us into this mess will never be solved so why bother. The only solution and positive suggestion the filmmakers come up with is for people to rise up, as in Egypt and Wisconsin (there's lots of footage), to take to the streets against the oil companies .

The film also comes out swinging against President Obama, repeatedly stating he is no better than George W. Bush and even implying at one point that his administration and all government is corrupt. It presents the most aggressive attack from the left on Obama yet seen.

Fonda, meanwhile, had words for BP as well as the president, calling the oil corporation "a bunch of Brits -- I thought we kicked them out a long time ago. They tried to get back in in 1812, but they didn't make it."

Click here for more from the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

[via Telegraph UK, Deadline]


  • Tommy Marx says:

    What a dilemma! Up until now, everything I have ever done, everything I have ever thought or believed, everything that made me who I am has been dictated by the implied approval of Peter Fonda, a major movie star back when 8-track tapes were still popular. What shall I do now? Do I reject my absolute adulation of Petey, or do I finally stand up and say, "Dude, the President sucks in many ways, but calling him a 'fucking traitor' is ludicrously melodramatic and a kind of shitty thing to do."?

    • m. edmunds says:

      You are analysis of Fonda is extremely harsh.Obama aka Barry Soetoro is a traitor.He took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Yet he trashes it constantly. He is a domestic enemy of the constitution therefore traitor.

      • mom90210 says:

        Amen, Edmunds. Obama IS a traitor, acquiescing to BP being the least of his offenses.

        • Rob says:

          More Exactly, MOM. Yet, I wonder what Peter has to say about his brother-in-law, Ted Turner-THE Leading Advocate of "Population Control" through, if he had his way, Poisoning our water AND Vaccines (After a false flag Swine or Avian Flu scare). Love to be a fly on that wall...And you are 100% Right about this spill & especially his dragging his feet role in it being the Least of his offenses-starting with not being Eligible for even RUNNING for POTUS! He's a mass murderer-here, he shares that distinction with many others...Yet, the longer I think of all his traitorous acts in this, my blood boils even more. The Spill could easily been averted if a Prez (Legit one, preferably) OR, more properly, CONGRESS, had enacted the safeguards this deadly industry demands. Deadly Fracking. Unsafely drillling miles down under the sea, just for unearned profits. ALL RESOURCES BELONG TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Until we accept this, and allow our top Scientists-and even our Garage Inventors, to freely create, among other things, Overunity (Re: Free Energy) machines/mechanisms to Provide uninterrupted FREE ENERGY FOR ALL-Without the THREAT OF MURDER HANGING OVER THEM, we'll ALWAYS have such tragedies occurring. One man I know here on FB posits that Obawmaw is a "good guy"-who had to resort to evil to combat the Eveel ones who've enslaved us since at least 1913 (Year Fed Reserve AND Unconstitutional IRS, a Puerto Rican Trust that collects Income Tax-even without a law alllowing for such illegal actions-Google it if you doubt it-$50,000 to ANYONE who can show ANY such law-IRS agents tried, failed, & resigned); that's a whole other story in & of itself-but, please, join "HERE IT COMES!!!!!" or "HERE WE GO", or contact him on FB at "BUCKMCCALL (EAST COAST)". I'm with MOM, personally.

      • Catalacify says:

        Yep! What Edmond said!

    • He is right on and calling obama a traitor needs to be done because that is exactly what he is a fucking traitor

    • TAKATU says:

      if you dont think hes a traitor then that makes you one too... dont you know who Obama really is you fuckin retard ... you still got ya head stuck up ya ass ... fuck idiots like you... you deserve being FEMAered when they come knocking on your door! Its fuckheads like you that perpetrate the crimes these assholes continue with...WAKE THE FUCK UP FOOL!!!


        People who start telling people what kind of "RETARD" (totally wrong and un-called for) are the problem with our country now. Our differences and the ability to talk and not hurl insults are the reason we are in trouble. Grow up and use your manners!!
        Navy Vet

    • Regina Woody says:

      That person in the Whitehouse is a phony Muslim traitor who has no care's or worries about the American people and our Constitutional Rights. He is Hitler reborn and doing his best to control everything and everyone. He belongs in prison along with Hillary Clinton and punished to the full extent as the traitor he is . More people need to pay attention to what is going on in the United States of America the land brave and the free. Instead of turning their cheek and thinking everything is all peachy keen and letting him get away with stripping America of our rights . Everyone has their opinion and this is mine .

    • Jim Kamees says:

      Tommy, better watch out, you may spill "YOUR" kool-id" dic head!!! Me thins "YOUR" the "TRAITOR"!!! dum fuk

      • Pc Arroyo says:

        @Jim Kamees - What a fine example you are of what our exemplary educational system turns out to vote for people like your messiah!

        De Oppresso Liber

    • bow says:

      Maybe u should understand that if Hollywood. Is coming around and opening their eyes to the truth then maybe he's giving permission for fans. To investigate the truth.. "or maybe u can't handle the truth"

    • tesy says:

      He told the truth, Tommy. We all have a right to be enraged about what is happening to this country and our freedoms.

    • Pc Arroyo says:

      @TOMMY MARX - Since Peter Fonda's remarks are accurate, does it really matter if they are "...ludicrously melodramatic and a kind of shi*ty thing to do?"

      Sic semper tyrannis.

  • Terry Kresge says:

    Way to go Peter! It looks like you're cut from a completely different mold than your traitorous sister "Hanoi Jane"....

    • TAKATU says:

      She was proved right ... idiot!!! The war was a con made up by the very people we are at war with today... your stinkin President and his pals the Cabal!!! What is wrong with you Americans .. you are all so elementary in knowledge and IQ!!!!

      • Rob says:

        WTH do you know of her Husband, Takatu? I rarely even engage losers such as yourself who must resort to foul language to make up for lack of intellect, but had to ask this simple question. Ted Turner, besides being one of only a half dozen that run ALL of the MSM in America & Western Europe, is also a MAJOR Population Control Advocate-and He WANTS TO POISON your water & mine! That's Terrorism, so take your brain dead rant & Piss off! P.S.-it'd be "proven"-not proved! Don't lump "Americans...all" together-it just serves to illustrate YOUR Idiocy. I'd engage you in a battle of wits, but I was taught as a child to never battle easy prey-much less unarmed, brain dead idiots such as yourself...yet I'd bet, wherever you're from, there are MANY People with intelligence-just because your IQ isn't even room temperature. Grow up, kiddo.

      • WHy do you keep lumping USA in with AMERICA? who's the idiot .. AMERICA, CANADA NORTH SOUTH CENTRAL outlying islands and territories... america is HUGE whom do you speak of o wise one .

        • Jim Kamees says:

          lol Robert, guess "YOUR" the oe who need to pick up an "ATLAS" ummm there is oly "ONE" Americia, the others are "NORTH AMERICIAN" big difference. And while were at it "Einstine, ummm whats up with the 2 capitol letters in the "FRST WORD you posted? EINSTINE??? lol BAFFONE!!!

          • elijahx says:

            Einstine? Is that the Jewish version of the great thinker Einstein? Baffone? Haaaa.....what is that, the offspring of a baboon and buffoon? Damn, your, uh, you're funny over their, uh, they're, I mean there! Two funny! To? Oh, too! Too funny!

            You are correct however, there is only one "Americia", and no one but yourself knows where it is.

            North America by the way consists of Canada, The United States OF AMERICA, & Mexico. But you knew that right?

          • Pc Arroyo says:

            @Jim Kamees - Had you considered obtaining an education prior to announcing publicly your lack thereof?

            De Oppresso Liber

      • elijahx says:

        Her treacherous actions were the negative comments made about the POWs. Eat shit Jane! End of story!

        • montclairman says:

          Get it right! A POW slipped her info about them in the hopes she would carry same back with her. Instead she handed it over to the enemies who subsequently brutally beat the US prisoners. Quite a bit more than a few negative comments.

      • Pc Arroyo says:

        @TAKATU - There are so many inaccuracies in that of which you write that one documentary couldn't address them all ─ so I shan't even try in just one sentence!

        De Oppresso Liber

  • Martini Shark says:

    He should no that anyone who has appeared in "Ghost Rider" is not in a position of dictating propriety.

  • lee says:

    And Petey is no better than Janie. Both liberal nuts, like obama.

  • Derek Spisak says:

    I sat in a conference where the head of "Youtube" sales explained how they worked with BP to overcome negative perception online of their involvement in a "Natural Disaster".
    The fix is in, google profited from it and they purposely buried negative, and truthful reports from others to push BP's agenda for a huge profit.
    His next example of "good work" was that of their teams in Haiti and Japan.
    Only the Dow Jones reporter called him to the carpet, asking "when do you decide to pursue profit vs philanthropy"... they are all f'ing traitors. And my oil stained back yard, then dispursant filled waters, and hazy, oil burn off is proof...
    Btw, ask how many people have gotten their final settlement? Feinberg said there will be complete recovery in 18 months...
    BS. all BS

    • Rob says:

      I feel for you, Derek...ironic name, still not even remotely funny. I'm very saddened over the Marine Wildlife that REALLY took a deadly, devastating blow on "check in the mail" for them-not that it'd do any good...Does Anyone remember how INCREDIBLY LONG B.O. took to take ANY action on this FIASCO? I do recall his first "actions" were to downplay the severity of the biggest Oil Company screw up-EVER! It made the Exxon Valdez seem like nothing-&, I, regretfully, bought Obawmaw's Lies. Maybe part of it was the huge loss to Wildlife in Alaska, since there is more of it? Or am I wrong about that too? Now, MSM has a complete stranglehold on what "facts" get out, whereas during the E.V. spill, there Was SOMEWHAT better reporting. Watching the pipepush out ten E.V.'s/day? hour? was literally sickening...yet, the reporters downplayed it, with MK ULTRA in the background, I actually bought their lies-somewhat, & for a short time-though, even now, I'm getting flashbacks of nausea. I'm SO VERY SORRY, GAIA, for ALL THE HARM Mankind befalls you. I know how incredible You's the innocent Wild Fauna & Flora that makes me weep. Idk if I could have been there AND Restrained myself from doing to ALL GUILTY PARTIES-(right down to myself, though to a somewhat lesser degree), The Eveel Mass Murder of BP officials, our Congress, Obawmaw (the White House "squatter", & everyone from J.P. Morgan himself & his minions, who eradicated the gift of Free Energy-clean as a whistle-all for GREED! Nikola Tesla envisioned AND CREATED FREE ENERGY-for our homes and cars! He had a car that went 90mph way back in '32-without ANY Pollution...Death to EVERY TRAITOR since then who has kept us from having AT LEAST The Same-INCLUDING B.O. & his lame duck minions in Congress...G.W. Bush & Cheney for murdering tens of thousands of Americans-his "Pearl Harbor" he said he needed to carry on the relentless Mass Murders for...more oil...excuse me...I'm going to puke!... Namaste', Good People here...

  • Macdoodle - says:

    Sounds to me like he's gone stupid or trying to get right wing viewers.... boots on our soil?.... If we booted BP for the fix - US govt would have taken on the liability and much of the expense.

  • dawnwong16 says:

    Thank god, somebody finally calls obama out on who he really is! HE IS TOTALLY A TRAITOR AND SHOULD B IMPEACHED AND TRID FOR TREASON! So sick of all this pc crap. THANK U PETER:)

    • Rob says:

      Tried for Treason, Yes. Impeached? NO-it infers he's a legitimate office holder-which he isn't (three different things make him ineligible to have EVEN RAN FOR POTUS!!!). I'm OK w/Peter-just not his Cabal bro-in law-dying to kill us all...

  • phingerspex says:

    Oh dear. Looks like Peter's overuse of acid has fried his brain, leaving him only capable of seeing in black and white. Trying to blame Obama for BP's cockup is one of the screwiest ideas I've heard for a while. And calling BP "a bunch of Brits"? BP is British in name only, it's just another multi-national that does whatever the hell it wants and answers to no-one.

    • Rob says:

      WHY Does BP NOT NEED TO ANSWER for it's actions on U.S. Territory? A: Because our lame duck Congress refuses to implement MUCH OVERDUE SAFEGUARDS! And if our Illegal Immigrant White House squatter/Presidential Impersonator can send loads of Guns to Mexican Cartels to blow each other up-along with innocent civilians-esp. the women-many Americans, that they rape first, with his Constitution destroying E.O. Pen, why couldn't HE HAVE ENACTED the aforementioned safeguards? A: GREED-a greed beyond mere trillions of (worthless) dollars-it's GREED FOR POWER! He's hungry for it, BP wants it-EVERY BIG INDUSTRY IN AMERICA NOW PUTS DOLLARS-& THE POWER THAT CAME WITH IT, ABOVE THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER-HUMAN LIFE. Even YOU devalue life, thanks to the idiocy of Religious Dogma! WE ARE ALL ETERNAL-You aren't required to Worship a non-existent mass murdering/Genocidal god! Replace God with Love-Universal Love...& see how truly wonderful life can be...unlimited Riches, A "God"-like Mind & Body, Man to Woman monogamous LOVE-all you desire, for the Universe is a living, giving entity-we are ALL important to the machinations of Her-just as the Trillions of Cells, & an even greater amount of Good Bacteria is to each of the bodies we now dwell in. You may Think I got off subject. You may even think I'm nuts...Yet, if just 3% of the population understood what I've known my entire life, we'd all be so very happy! Yet, I can't TRULY be happy until the least of us-that precious baby, dying from dysentary in Africa, because OUR FDA made ILLEGAL a life-saving Lactoferrin product--FROM PERU!!! WTH F-n right does the U.S. Corporation's (Yes, that's right-Google it!) FDA have to cause unnecessary Genocide of a people, just because of their skin color-& the fact that we want the vast resources under them? Wake up, sheeple of the world! Oh, btw-it was mostly Caucasian B.O. who was overseeing this FDA decision-SYH??? WTH is an AGENCY doing with such powers over innocent lives Someone deems inferior? There is MUCH unknown to us all; yet NOTHING IS UNKNOWABLE-Not even to the "least of us" Peace & Love to you all! :-).

  • greg says:

    Obama is byfar is the useless president america has ever had. If you lo-
    ve the Antichrist, then you should love Obama. America was formed by Gods' great love unlike any other civillation.He (Obama) is bringing America to her knee's.

    • phingerspex says:

      Thank Christ that God also invented evolution, so that if present trends continue, sub-literate morons will soon be too stupid to breed.

      • dave says:

        The election of Obama, has turned the founders of this country over in their Graves. And I only pray that when the truth finally comes out about this Imposter, he will be prosecuted AND IMPRISONED.

        • Rob says:

          The FACTS-what u call "truth" HAS been out for 4 years b4 you're comment; 1.5 yrs into the future, nothing has or will happen to him. I'm actually hopeful this Buck McCall character is right, & we'll need to 4give him his evils & move on, but that they were necessary to get the 535 Reps & Senators, + SCOTUS & B.O's Cabinet-I'll take 600 bad apples in D.C. + >9,000 bad guys in the TPP Corporatism-even if b.o. lives. Republic back, no more income taxes-ever, only fee for use volunteer payments for needed items, free energy-even cars-Paradise, with gold backed currencies await us. & like my mom always said-pray in 1 hand, shi* in the other & see which feels up 1st, lol-stupid bible thumpers below-don't even acknowledge surplus of proof 4 Evolution-dumazzes-EVEN Pat Robertson admits we can't deny ALL THE PROOF!

        • Pc Arroyo says:

          @DAVE - Only imprisonment for treason? Surely you jest! - Sic semper tyrannis.

      • wheres the proof of evolution no one has ever produced one speck of concrete evidence to support the theory of evolution >> Consider this out of all of the organisms on the planet why did only one of them evolve into an intellegent being and the rest have stayed the same we have fossil records of animals that are hundreds of thousands of years old but no change..... explain... And only a moron would call someone else a moron

        • Rob says:

          That's the Stupidest BS I've heard yet! Even Super Bible thumper Pat Robertson admits there is TOO MUCH SCIENTIFIC PROOF to deny it! He's still an imbecile, claiming that doesn'tdeny Your "god" thingy, lmao! Fossils don't change in mere thousands of years-Dinosaurs were here 65 BILLION YEARS OLD! & There are MANY ANIMALS Smarter than you dumbazzes! Some Jellyfish have now achieved B.I.-Biological Immortality-which we humans are on the verge of as well-best thing about that, imho? No more stupid bible thumpers to steal our oxygen like you morons! DISPROVE THE REAMS & REAMS OF SCIENTIFIC PROOF, IDIOTS. Or just crawl back under the rock from which you came, since u still think IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!! HERE'S A NICKEL-GET A BETTER LIFE! :-p

  • DazzleMe55 says:

    All Fonda's, I thought were democratic, love the fact that one of them is a little conservative. You go Peter! I have a new found respect for you.

  • smith says:

    To all you heaters its obvious that you all are showing your true prejudicness. President Obama is only one man (a black man) that apparently bothers the most of you. Look past his Color and notice his accomplishments.

    • r w patton says:

      i did not see in anyone's comments where they mention obama's color! what i did see was comments showing disappointment in the man and his actions and policies. also the support of an actor that spoke his mind and said things that many people are to afraid to say. i do agree with Mr Fonda that obama is a traitor! he swore to support and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, instead he starts immediately to attack the 2nd, 9th, and 28th amendments.

    • heaters?????? i dont care what color he is he hasn't accomplished one thing to benefit this country. He is destroying it piece by piece

    • Rob says:

      heaters? prejudikness? It'd help your idiotic argument if you could structure a sentence or two. Show me where ONE SINGLE PERSON-Besides your pathetic azz, EVER mentioned he was Almost half black. U R D idiot! U R D Prejudicial one....we noted his "accomplishments-though we forgot NDAA, Patriot Act, not bringing troops right home, "right now", his attempts to start WW3, supplying arms to both sides in the Middle East-in Syria, Libya, Egypt, et al. I could go on for days, but not wasting MY precious time on a numbnut like yoursef, lmao!!! (Yes, I left the "L" off on purpose)

    • Pc Arroyo says:

      @SMITH - After over five years of the same refrain, it's exceedingly tiresome to imply racism solely because of disagreement with Executive philosophy and implemented policy. Please find some new, inaccurate allegation with which to attempt a flogging of the intelligent.

      Oh, and a correction: While I carry a "heater" (a very old term, perhaps indicating the fossilizing of your brain), to the best of my knowledge, doing so does not make me one.

      As for the remainder of your ill-composed rant, I have pity for the lack of education you display so publicly.

      Sic semper tyrannis.

    • Regina Woody says:

      @ Smith... prejudices heaters ?!! that's good Wow !!! I will tell you I personally don't give a flying rats ass if he is black, white, green or purple. He is a fu*cking traitor that is doing everything he can to turn America into a pile of shit... He is not an American... People like you are a bunch of pansy ass f*ckers with your heads so far up his ass you because your living on welfare because your to freaking lazy to work for a living like the rest of us... Pull your head out of his ass you pansy ass and open your freaking eyes .....

    • Pc Arroyo says:

      @SMITH - Did you mean "hooters" (in your first sentence)? If that's the case, then you'd better take a look at your own SEXISM, and leave racism alone! (To the ladies here, my apologies for calling this SMITH idiot out in the specific manner necessary to address yet another possible problem such a libocrat may have. Grins!)

      De Oppresso Liber

  • Can we focus here , can we change and work on some solutions , I hate people that cant or wont make good discisions as much as peter fonda .I don't see many solution happening in the world today. we have to fix this puppy one problem at a calling don't get it.this is what we have been delt , and these are the people we have , including me , so lets start helping one another . like the end was near .

    • Rob says:

      As long as idiots like u-who can't even write sensible sentences are (in)breeding, we ARE Doomed. I'm an Oathkeeper, but I'd busy myself saving someone worthwhile to avoid protecting your dumb azz, if I could...I, however, have promised to support your right to be an idiotic imbecile.

  • wow, another Hollywood type attacking B.O. our unvetted, affirmative action, unpatriotic, irresponsible, chicago thug failure. And if this keeps up, the media won't be able to keep his polling numbers in the 30's anymore, and those B.O. supporters that flash a finger at others may be actually indicating the actual polling number for the support of this man.

  • Where was Fonda's out cry when Bush/Cheney declared a war of lies costing a half million deaths.

    • Rob says:

      Maybe silent for a reason. B.O. has increased our debt more than ALL OTHER "PRESIDENTS"-COMBINED! Also, Bush was eligible to run for President. Didn't break 5% of the promises Obawmaw did. Need I go on?

  • Jill says:

    When is mouth going about traitors...why did he not include the name Jane Fonda...She brought traitor to a new level. Now as a has been actor that never,was...Will say and do anything for another 15 minutes of fame...He needs to wipe the ads of his own family!!

  • Patrick says:

    Forget this stuff and check out