Watch Death-Defying Wingsuit Jump Stunts in Latest Transformers: Dark of the Moon Clip

transformersduhamel225.jpgMichael Bay is on some next level business with the July sequel Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and I'm not even talking about 3-D. I'm talking about the squadron of stunt skydivers he enlisted for a sequence where Josh Duhamel leads a team of wingsuit-wearing soldiers into a Chicago battle zone from the air above.

In the just-released clip from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, behold as Duhamel rallies his guys at magic hour for the dangerous jump, which leads into an impressive aerial group chase Movieline previewed for you here. This kind of new stunt jazzes up the regular ol' robots vs. robots action we've seen in the first two films, though there will be plenty of that in Dark of the Moon as well.

Bay reportedly got the inspiration to include a wingsuit sequence in Transformers 3 from watching a 60 Minutes segment on a group of real-life base jumpers. While you wait to get a full look at the wingsuit sequence, learn more about the world of wingsuit jumping here.

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