Talkback: Is Forbes Right About the World's Most Powerful Celebs?

Forbes's list of the "100 Most Powerful Celebrities" is mesmerizing, and not just because Movieline is obsessed with every list known to man; plenty of weird, wild, and unbelievably rich people -- hello Bon Jovi! -- make the cut, but not a single bona fide movie star shows up until No. 11. Can you guess who it is?

Here are the first 25 members of the list, which is based on star income, TV/movie presence, press coverage, web coverage, and social standing. [Italics denote film personalities.]

1. Lady Gaga

2. Oprah Winfrey

3. Justin Bieber

4. U2

5. Elton John

6. Tiger Woods

7. Taylor Swift

8. Bon Jovi

9. Simon Cowell

10. Lebron James

11. Angelina Jolie

12. Katy Perry

13. Johnny Depp

14. Kobe Bryant

15. Leonardo DiCaprio

16. Black Eyed Peas

17. Donald Trump

18. Dr. Phil McGraw

19. Tyler Perry

20. Paul McCartney

21. Jennifer Aniston

22. Steven Spielberg

23. Rush Limbaugh

24. Ryan Seacrest

25. Roger Federer

Additional Movieline-related notes: James Cameron comes in at 27, Charlie Sheen at 28, Jerry Bruckheimer at 39, Adam Sandler at 41, Christopher Nolan at 47, Jennifer Lopez at 50, Robert Pattinson at 53, Tom Hanks at 58, Kristen Stewart at 63, Reese Witherspoon at 64, Will Smith at 65, Robert Downey Jr. at 66, Ben Stiller at 68, Julia Roberts at 69, Sarah Jessica Parker at 73, Natalie Portman at 75, Cameron Diaz at 81, Steve Carell at 87, Stephenie Meyer at 90, and Tina Fey at 92 -- behind Jeff Dunham and Larry the Cable Guy! Tina, we have to get you a Grammy or something so you can rise up past the red state draws who kidnapped Comedy Central.

As for Angelina Jolie ranking as the biggest movie star on the list (unless you count cinema guru Justin Bieber), I suppose I believe it. It's just -- I sort of wanted someone whose movie choices surprise me in a good way, and Angelina hasn't picked anything interesting since A Mighty Heart, which I still didn't love. Ah, well. Props to the beaut and her uncontested red carpet reign.

Enough about me, however; what do you think? Is Jolie the most powerful celebrity on the planet? Were there some obvious celebrities left off this list that deserve special mention? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

· 100 Most Powerful Celebrities [Forbes]

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  • Emily says:

    Oprah should be number 1. I think Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Aniston should be higher too-maybe top 15- just because while others may make more money or draw more fans, people actually look to these two for more than entertainment- plus they have proven that they aren't just trends that will go away with the next breakout star or something.

  • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

    This list is fundamentally wrong because I am not on it.
    I also doubt Taylor Swift or the Black Eyed Peas are more powerful as Steven Spielberg, but... [HUGE SHRUG].

  • Mafalda Neto says:

    i'm really surprised not to see daniel radcliff and emma watson here...

  • Msexodus2000 says:

    Well, they have different category of picking most influential and powerful, not only in income but popularity. But were glad that our favorite star Angelina Jolie included, even she do less movies, not like some who work all day. Her popularity still on top of the list.
    Despite negative news on the tabs and those trying to put her and Brad down..their positive attitude dealing all this backbiting, did no effect on their relationship. Still comes triumphantly. We agree, she deserve the highest level of your census. Forbes are high standard magazine for rich people.

  • liz says:

    Oprah should be number 1.and surely Johnny above the Angelina

  • judy says:

    Mr. Depp shpould have been in the top 5 and certainly over jolie