Watch Kevin James Talk to Animals in First Trailer for Zookeeper

What hath Paul Blart: Mall Cop wrought? The idea that Kevin James is a box office stalwart, capable of opening a movie about talking animals in the middle of the summer. Say hello to the first full-length trailer for Zookeeper, soon to be known as that comedy where Kevin James takes a gorilla to T.G.I. Friday's.

It would be easy to slag on Zookeeper -- once again: this is a film wherein Kevin James plays a zookeeper who talks to animals, Dr. Doolittle-style -- so rather than pluck at the obvious low-hanging fruit, let's discuss what works:

james-face-zookeeper-300.jpg· James, who possesses a hang-dog charm that makes you root for him, even in something as arch as this.

· Leslie Bibb embracing her full evil potential, like an inverse of Bridgette Wilson in Billy Madison.

· Sylvester Stallone as the voice of the lion, just because.

· This screenshot of James face flying through the air at some wedding (don't ask), right before smashing into the bride.

And that's it. Watch the full trailer below; Zookeeper arrives in theaters on July 8.