Who Scored Big in Week 21 of SNL's Relevancy Poll?

Saturday night's Ed Helms-hosted (at least I think he hosted; good thing he's not a cast member or he'd be near the bottom of this list) installment of Saturday Night Live was probably the most top-heavy episode of the season. In other words: If a cast member appeared in this show, they were given a fairly decent amount to do. Others were not so lucky and were not heard from at all.

This show -- along with next week's season finale -- is crucial for those on the bubble for next season. (I'm looking at you Jay Pharoah, Abby Elliott and maybe Paul Brittain.) How did they do? On to the poll!

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg1. Fred Armisen (Last Week: 6) Here's what's telling about this weeks' SNL: The most talked about sketch of the night, "Ambiguously Gay Duo," only featured one actual cast member -- and that was Armisen dressed in a lizard costume. Additionally, Armisen had a spirited Obama in the cold open and a "Garth and Kat" segment during "Update."

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg2. Kristen Wiig (Last Week: 8)

"Ann-Margret" might be the funniest thing Wiig has done on SNL this entire season. You want to to know what else is funny? Bridesmaids is funny. And it made a lot of money. Wiig may not have won this poll, but she's kind of winning life this week.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg3. Kenan Thompson (Last Week: 10)

I woke up this morning/ got out of bed / wonderin' where Keenan should be, stuck in my head

Oooo weee/ he's number three/ he's number three

Oooo weee/ he's number three/ he's number... I said he's nuuuuumberrrrr... threeeeee!

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg4. Andy Samberg (Last Week: 3) Unusually high ranking this week for Samberg when you take into account that there wasn't even a digital short this week. He had a staring role in "One Take Tony" and a supporting role in "Poker Night," but, in reality, when you look at this list, not many did much of anything this week.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg5. Jason Sudeikis (Last Week: 4) Hey, a number five ranking, pretty good for Sudeikis! Then again, a supporting role in the cold open and "Poker Night" -- plus dancing around in a red track suit in "What's Up With That?" -- will land you the five spot this week.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg6. Bill Hader (Last Week: 2) No joke, I originally had Hader up higher in this list because, really, by now, it's just by default. Then I started thinking, Wait, other than saying nothing as Lindsey Buckingham, what did Hader really do this week? The answer is: Not a lot. But it still seems like he did!

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg7. Seth Meyers (Last Week: 1) In a perfect world, Meyers would be ranked lower this week for a fairly off "Weekend Update," but, here he is in the top half for some reason.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg8. Bobby Moynihan (Last Week: 13) Other than a walk-on during "One Take Tony," Moynihan's only appearance was as the usually delightful Anthony Crispino.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg9. Jay Pharoah (Last Week: 12) OK, here's Jay Pharoah at number nine. All thing considered, it could have been much worse. I mean, sure, his Will Smith this week left a lot to be desired, but at least he got airtime! Things get really rocky from here on out.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg10. Vanessa Bayer (Last Week: 11) Bayer had a moderate-sized part in the cold open, but then, other than as a background singer in "What's Up With That?," disappeared for the rest of the night.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg11. Taran Killam (Last Week: 14) Again, like pretty much everyone, he was in the "What's Up With That" sketch. At least he had a speaking role.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg12. Nasim Pedrad (Last Week: 9) At least her "Corn Syrup" commercial re-aired. Other than that, yep, "What's Up With That?" and out...

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg13. (tie) Paul Brittain (Last Week: 7)

See below.

snl_poll_abby_elliott.jpg13. (tie) Abby Elliott (Last Week: 5) OK, it's possible that I missed Brittain and Elliott somewhere, maybe, in "What's Up With That?" But I've scoured through a few times and, unless they were the dancing raisins (you know what, let's just go ahead and assume that they were), I didn't see either of them the entire night. Since both of them, at least, from an outsiders perspective, would be on the bubble for returning next season -- this wasn't a good show to miss. (Note to Brittain: Pitch the HELL out of a second "Sex Ed Vincent" sketch this week by somehow incorporating Timberlake.)

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  • Mims says:

    Was Paul the Human Centipede doctor?

  • Mike says:

    I think out of all them, Paul is gone next year. In fact, I'd be surprised to see him in season 37. Abby is usually good, and she's a repertory player so I'd be very surprised to see her go. As for the rookies, Vanessa's probably a lock, with that Miley Cryus impression, she seems to be quite adored by the audience, Taran is rarely on, but that''s kind of expected for a featured player, he's been good when he's on. Jay's kind of hit or miss, he might go too. But I find Paul is almost never funny.

  • Mims says:

    See, I really feel as though Paul could easily step into Will Forte's old role. I'd be really sad if he didn't get another year to try and prove himself; his Mother's Day commercial is one of my favourite things from this season.
    Having said that, he needs to stop grinning like an idiot in all of his sketches!

  • lord-z says:

    I think Paul will survive another year. He has had two solo sketches on the air (unless I forget some), "Sex Ed Vincent" and "Hallmark Mothersday Card", he has had minor and major roles in others and hit them out of the ballpark. And he is sitting comfortably on the bit-parts. He might seem anonymous as a featured because the ladies, Pedrad and Bayer, are doing so much, and Killam has had a few good episodes, but his workload is probably the same as any first-year featureds usually is. Pharoah is, unfortunately, turning out to be a one-trick pony. His impressions are great, but that doesn't help if that is the only thing he does. I hope Brittain stays, because I think he could be the next great utility-player, once upon a position held by people like Chris Parnell and Will Forte and currently belonging to Sudeikis. Someone you could plonk into any part, when needed, but more than capable of carrying their own sketches. Pharoah could be the new black utility-player, once Keenan leaves this year or the next, if he started developing his own characters. Otherwise, next year there will be a new black guy.

  • lord-z says:

    Yeah. Mike probably blinked and missed him.

  • Mike Ryan says:

    I must have, actually. I stand corrected. He had one second.

  • Mike Ryan says:

    I agree with you (and Lord-Z), no one has taken that "weird guy" role since Forte left and I think Brittain would be wise to try and hit that angle. Brittain should be the guy who owns the last sketch before good nights.

  • Nerd says:

    Paul is by far my favorite of the rookies. He better be there next year! Sex Ed Vincent was the best sketch of the entire season!

  • Geoff says:

    Agreed with the above commenters - I've always seen Brittain as the potential successor to Will Forte. 'Sex Ed' and 'Mother's Day' were both brilliant bits.
    I worry for Jay and Abby more than anyone else - I wouldn't miss either, to be honest. And Vanessa's the one I would say needs to stop grinning like an idiot in all of her sketches. As well as stop yelling all of her lines. She comes off like she just came out of a really amateur improv class.

  • Fabe says:

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Jay Pharoah or Paul Brittain go. Niether of them really do anything. I really hope that Abby stays and would be very surprised if she was let go. She usually does stuff every week and is a full-time castmember. It wouldn't really make sense for her to be made a repertory one year and then be fired. I think if they were going to fire her, it would have been last year. So hope she sticks around! Vanessa will probably stay (Taran too) and Nasim will probably me made a full-time castmember.